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NIAGAHOSTER - Best and Cheap Web Hosting in Indonesia 2022

COMMERCIAL HOSPITAL – Best and Cheap Web Hosting in Indonesia 2022. Hello blogger friends, the first time we build a blog or website, of course we must choose the best web hosting.

Because choosing the best web hosting will have a big effect on the smoothness and performance of the website that we have. Before knowing the best and cheap web hosting service providers, we will explain a little about web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting / Hosting is a provider or place to accommodate data, either in the form of files needed by a website. Which later a website that has web hosting will be smoother than a website that does not use web hosting.

Choosing the Best Web Hosting

To choose a cheap web hosting service provider, we highly recommend a local (Indonesian) hosting service. why not use an outside hosting service? the answer is very simple, namely the quality of local hosting is also no less good than external hosting. besides that also by using our local hosting it is easier for communication. such as the current best & cheapest web hosting service provider in 2022, namely Niagahoster.

Why Choose Niagahoster?

Niagahoster is a well-known hosting service provider for a long time. because Niagahoster is the best and cheapest hosting website in Indonesia today. With quite a lot of users, Niagahoster has better hosting quality. By having excellent features from Niagahoster that will make us more comfortable using Niagahoster as the best hosting, which are as follows:

1. Various Hosting Packages

Several choices of hosting packages from Niagahoster from cheap hosting packages to hosting packages that are suitable for business. One of the features that we like about Niagahoster is the Unlimited disk space feature. so you don’t have to worry about the lack of website storage capacity because the storage capacity is already unlimited (No Limits).

Here are some hosting packages from niagahoster

1. Baby Package = Rp. 8.000/Month

2. Student Package = Rp. 38,900.00/Month (Promotion)

3. Personal Package = Rp. 47,615.00/Month (Promotion)

4. Business Package = Rp. 84,564.00/Month (Promotion)

Only at Niagahoster you buy free web hosting Domain

By subscribing to niagahoster you can get a free domain by only buying a hosting package for all types of packages except the Baby package. By getting a free domain as well as a hosting package, we can save money on buying a domain, which we already know that the prices of various domains are also cheap and even expensive depending on the type of domain we choose.

2. Transfer the website to commerce hosting easily

Transferring website hosting data to commercial web hosting hoster is not so difficult. Here we suggest that you contact the Niagahoster operator by means of Live chat with employees from Niagahoster so that they are assisted step by step to transfer the website to Niagahoster web hosting.

The web hosting services provided by niagahoster include:

  • Shared Hosting: Shared Hosting is a service that attracts everyone, because niagahoster offers very cheap prices, starting from Rp. 19,800/Month. by using Shared Hosting services will greatly save our expenses for web hosting, of course, the affordable price is only at the best hosting service provider company, namely Niagahoster.
  • VPS: By using a VPS web hosting service (Virtual Private Server package) with a VPS service you are given the freedom to build your website to a high configuration level at a price of Rp. 134,000/Month
  • Instant Website: With a Live Order system, pay and be active is the principle of an instant website that looks very simple. enough to pay Rp. 67,800/Month, you are sure to get this simple service from niagahoster.

Conclusion :

By using NIAGAHOSTER – Best and Cheap Web Hosting in Indonesia 2022, it is guaranteed that you will not be disappointed with the services of Niagahoster web hosting. well maybe that’s all the best web hoting 2022. hopefully it’s useful.

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