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The Latest Way to Lock 4G Network Signals on All Android Phones

Therefore, at this opportunity, I will share a way to easily lock / lock the 4g signal on all brands of Android phones, Samsung, Asus, Smartfren, etc. to lock the signal for 4g actually there are many ways but to save time and to make it easy for you to understand I will share only 2 ways to lock the 4g network on android.

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Well, here’s the latest way to lock the 4G network signal on all Android phones.

How to Lock 4G Network on Android Smartphone

As I said above, I only share 2 alternative ways to lock the signal to keep it 4g regardless of the situation. No matter what internet card you use, if by following this trick I make sure you get a stable and fast 4G signal. to lock it is as follows.

1. Using Dial Phone

As many people already know, the way to lock or lock the signal to keep 4g is to dial the phone by: *#*#4636#*#* then you choose 4G LTE Only. then your network signal will automatically change to 4G LTE Only.

2. With 4G Switcher App

The step to change the network so that it is 4g lte is with an additional application, because especially samsung android phones can’t dial the phone like the first way, then you have to use the 4g switcher application as a supporter for samsung 4g signal lock. here’s how:

– Download the 4G Switcher App [DOWNLOAD]

– Open the application then select 4G LTE Only

– Finished.

That’s about it, for Samsung Android phones, you have to use an application to be able to lock the 4g signal because you can’t use the dial phone especially for Samsung phones. for those of you whose cellphones are brands other than Samsung, I recommend using the first method.

The final word :

That’s The Latest Way to Lock 4G Network Signals on All Android Phones. maybe that’s the only way to lock Samsung’s 4g signal in the second method, and for other cellphone brands, my suggestion is to use the first method, besides saving quota, it’s also easy. Hope it is useful.

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