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How to Use Custom Apk for Free Internet

How to Use Custom Apk – Apk Custom is an android application that can be used for free internet on Axis cards or other cards. for this application, how to use it is almost similar to the HI or HTTP Injector application. but the advantage of the Custom Apk is that it is very fast to connect. Previously, on this occasion, we will provide a review on how to use a custom apk for free internet for all operators.

Before starting to use a custom apk for android that is used for free internet, it’s a good idea to use an axis/xl card, which is definitely 0 pulse and 0 quota. because if you still have credit or you are still subscribed, it will be very difficult to connect to the internet or if connected, your credit and quota will also be sucked up, therefore it is better for you to use a 0p0k card (without credit and without quota for free internet).

Actually, there are still lots of free internet applications that you can try to use for free internet on Android, namely HTTP Injector, Kpn Tunnel, e Proxy, and others. but what will be discussed this time is how to use a custom apk, because previously we have discussed free internet tricks with HI, and KPN Tunnel. well, without further ado, let’s start with how to use a custom apk for free internet Axis and other cards.

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How to Use Custom Apk

  1. First download the Custom Apk application. to download it you can download a custom apk on google. (here we do not provide a link to download a custom apk).
  2. After that you open the Custom Apk application
  3. After that enter your mainstay ssh account. or if you don’t have an ssh account you can read: How to create a premium ssh account for free forever.
  4. If your ssh account is ready, please enter your ssh host, SSH username, and your own ssh password.
  5. then you click the three lines in the upper left corner of the application, then select Payload.
  6. then enter the payload in the http injector then you copy and enter it in the custom apk along with the remote proxy. after that don’t forget to check google dns and try to start connecting.

For those of you who don’t want to bother making a payload, you can directly search for the custom apk config in the FB group or on other social media. and keep in mind that for now it is very difficult to surf for free, therefore it’s a good idea to use it for free internet so that it is useful and don’t use free internet for things that are not good.


Using a custom apk is actually more difficult than other free internet applications because by using a custom apk you cannot create a payload because there is no payload generator, and this application requires a remote proxy to connect to the internet unlike the ultimate KPN Tunnel application which is capable of free internet without remote proxy. Well, that’s all today from us, hopefully it will be useful.


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