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How to Get Rid of Ads That Appear Suddenly on Android

How to get rid of ads on android that appear suddenly – Ads that appear by themselves or commonly referred to as Pop-Up ads on Android do make us uncomfortable using Android Smartphones, because with the presence of these Pop-Up ads, it causes every time we open an application on Android, the ad automatically closes the entire screen. android phone, and what makes us uncomfortable is that the ad appears continuously and non-stop. Therefore, on this occasion we will share a tutorial on removing ads on Android without root. well first of all let us know first about Pop-Up ads on android.

What are Pop Up Ads on Android?

Pop Up Ads are actually ordinary ads that display several products or applications, but these ads are able to cover your entire Android phone and this ad will never disappear on Android by itself. Pop – Up ads themselves if not addressed will cause the battery to run out quickly, annoy android users, and never stop serving Pop – Up ads. Previously Pop Up ads themselves came from applications that you installed on Android. for example you download an application outside the play store, the application contains a virus or mallware, too many applications. therefore it’s a good idea to delete applications that are not useful or important on your android so that there are no viruses and will speed up the performance of your android. good for those of you who experience pop up ads that appear suddenly on android you can apply the tips below.[ercepatkinerjadariandroidkamubaikbagikamuyangmengalamiterkenaiklanPopUpyangmunculsecaratibatibadiandroidkamubisamenerapkantipsdibawahini

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How to get rid of Pop Up Ads on Android

1. You first download and install an application called Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. You can directly download this application HERE (Google Play Store)

2. After the Malwarebytes application is installed on your android, the next step is to open the Malwarenytes Anti-Malware application. After the application is open, if there is a wallware or virus on your Android, the initial appearance of the application will look like below.

3. If it looks like the above, then you click on the words “Fix now“.

4. Then you click “Run full scan

5. Then you just have to wait because the application will automatically scan all files and applications on your android. at this time if there are many files and applications on your android then you have to wait a while to finish scanning all the files on android.

6. After scanning is complete, click Fix all then automatically there will be no more Pop Up ads that appear suddenly on your android.

How easy is it not, how to remove ads on android without root. how to get rid of popup ads on android above you can use for all kinds of cellphone brands. Of course, you only need the Malwarebytes application to remove ads on Android.


That’s roughly how to get rid of ads that appear suddenly on Android. whether it’s in the form of Pop Up ads or other ads that interfere with your activities to use Android. To get rid of pop up ads on Android, you can try the method above which is very simple and easy. well that’s all from us hopefully useful.

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