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How to Overcome an Android Phone Restarting Repeatedly

How to Overcome HP Restarting Repeatedly – Android phones that often restart themselves or reboot automatically will make users feel annoyed and disappointed. For those of you who are experiencing this problem, Nakblogz will provide the right solution so that your Android will no longer reboot itself. Well, on this occasion, NakBlogz will share tips for dealing with an Android phone that often restarts itself. Previously, all brands of Android cellphones may also experience problems with Android restarting itself. For example, lately, there are so many Android phones that have problems, the cellphone often restarts itself. one of them, call it a samsung android phone which often restarts itself, and also a lenovo android phone which often turns itself off. and many more brands of android phones that have problems with android restarting itself over and over again. Android phones that often restart repeatedly or often turn off by themselves are not without reason. Therefore, we will discuss the causes of the Android phone restarting repeatedly.

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The cause of android phone often restarts itself

HP android restarts over and over again, there are many causes. Therefore, Nakblogz will discuss the causes of Android’s frequent automatic reboot. causes include:

  1. An error occurred on the Android hardware system. Hardware is very important and is the basic device on Android. so if this hardware is damaged or error, it will be possible for Android to restart again and again automatically.
  2. Damage to system software. The occurrence of errors in the software can be caused by some of the applications that you have that do not support your own Android. and will cause “force close” or will cause your android to restart repeatedly.
  3. Android root. if you have rooted your android, the possibility of your android restarting itself is very large. because if the device is rooted, the android system will be vulnerable to damage and errors.

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How to fix the HP keeps restarting

Actually, how to overcome the Android restart itself repeatedly or continuously is very easy. then how to fix android that often restarts itself? here Nakblogz will give short tips to deal with HP android restarting over and over again. how to solve android restart itself is as follows:

1. Android System Upgrade

By updating or upgrading the android system will affect the performance and maximize the android. and also the version from android will change to the latest os version. The latest version of the android os will speed up your android and will no longer cause your android phone to restart itself over and over again. This method is quite easy, usually there will be a notification when an Android system update will occur. and if you don’t get an update, you can update your Android manually by using this method. click PSettings➨About device➨Software update manually.

2. Unroot Android if it is already rooted

One of the reasons why Android phones restart continuously is Root Android. if your android phone is rooted you can unroot the android. because if your android is rooted, then your android will be easily attacked by viruses or your android system device will be vulnerable to damage. therefore it is recommended to unroot android if you have rooted android and never root android if you do not understand about the impact of rooting android. how to unroot a rooted android is to go to the Supersu application (usually if you root this application automatically installed on android) select unroot. or you can unroot the pc if you root android with a PC.

3. Minimize unnecessary apps

By minimizing or deleting applications that are not important on your Android, it will cause your Android phone to be light and fast, it will also not restart itself often. if the Android phone restarts repeatedly you have to pay attention to the applications on your own android. usually applications or games that do not support your android phone will cause problems for android such as, force close, slow android, and until the worst android often restarts itself repeatedly. so try to minimize unnecessary applications on your android. so that android does not reboot automatically again.

4. Clear app cache

The cache or stored data of the application that you use will continue to increase in size if the application is used frequently. increasing the size of the application cache will also cause your Android to be slow and also often turn itself off. to clean or delete cache files on your android application is you go to Settings Application manager➨Select the app you want to clear cache➨Clear cache.

5. Reset Android

Reset android or in other words reinstall android to be new again. by resetting android will create applications, the data on android will be lost and everything will be clean like new again. if it has been reset, it is certain that you will not experience the android phone restarting itself. how to reset android you can turn off android then press power button + home + volume up Then select wipe data / factory reset click yes delete all user. for more details about factory reset or reinstall android you can read: How to reinstall android samsung galaxy complete.

Conclusion :

Actually, there are still so many ways to deal with Android that restarts continuously. However, according to Nakblogz, the easiest and most effective way to overcome the restart itself is to apply the tips that Nakblogz has given above. well that’s some causes and how to fix android phone restarting repeatedly Hope it is useful.

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