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How to track a lost Android phone without an application

How to track a lost Android phone without an application – Have you ever lost your android phone? if you have ever lost an android phone whether it was lost accidentally or stolen. we will give you a very easy solution on how to track a lost cellphone. OK. On this occasion, NakBlogz will provide tips for those of you who are having problems losing your Android phone. Previously, the Android phone was lost not without reason, but you could put the cellphone in any place and finally forgot where you put the cellphone. or someone else stole your cellphone. Well, to overcome or track a lost Android phone is actually quite easy and simple even without any supporting applications. ok just go ahead nakblogz will share a tutorial how to track a lost Android phone without an app either way, as follows:

how to track a lost cellphone without gps

Things you should pay attention to first to track a lost android phone without an application.

  1. Make sure you first turn on your android mobile data.
  2. GPS or the location on your android phone must be on.
  3. Google email that is on your android.

if all of the above requirements are met on your android. the next thing is how to track a lost android? the trick is if your android is lost, of course you don’t have a cellphone so you can open a laptop or PC. The next step will be explained as follows:

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how to track a lost cellphone

2. After that, enter the email that has been registered with your Android phone, then enter the email password.

3. After you enter your email and password. Next you will be directed to the Google Android Find web page. if the email on your android is still connected and your phone’s location or gps is on automatically the location or where your android phone is will appear on google maps.

4. Your Android phone will be in complete data by Google of your lost Android brand, online/offline status, and battery power.

5. If you are close to the location of the lost android phone you can turn on your cellphone ringtone by pressing the “Play Sound” button. your cellphone ringtone will automatically sound and you just have to look for the ringtone and your android can be retrieved.

6. And if your android phone has been stolen and you can’t get it back you can activate lock action and wipe android device. precisely you click on the words “Activate lock and delete” in Google Find Android.

That’s about Chow to track android phone without app. keep in mind once again if your android phone is taken by someone else or stolen by someone else, of course the above trick cannot be used because if it has been stolen, your android phone must have been turned off or flashed. and how to track a lost android cellphone as above only runs smoothly if your android device is still connected to the internet, the location of the cellphone is live, and the email on your android cellphone is connected to a Google service or application. Well, that’s how to track a lost Android cellphone, hopefully it will be useful.

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