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How to make WhatsApp tick 1 without an application 2022

How to Make WahtsApp Check 1 But Online – WhatsApp (WA) is a very popular chat application today.

No wonder this application must also be installed on the smartphone that we use today.

Because by using wa we make it easier to chat or send messages, send pictures, and send videos for free and fast.

With the many superior features of wa, have you ever thought about the tick feature in wa? the tick feature will appear when we send a message to someone.

Here I first explain about the tick feature which is divided into 3 parts, as follows.

  • Tick ​​1 (one): If you send a message to someone on whatsapp, but only tick 1, it means that your message has not been sent or has not been received by that person. it could be that the person is offline or not turning on internet data.
  • Tick ​​2 (two): If you send a message and tick 2 appears, it means that the message you sent has been entered in the person’s whatsapp, and is still not opened.
  • Tick ​​2 Blue: If you send a message and tick blue 2, it means that your message has been read by that person.

That’s the feature of the tick section on whatsapp, but if you’re busy and don’t want to be disturbed by someone who spams chat.

So I suggest disabling tick 2, because when someone sends you a message then on WhatsApp that person will tick 1.

Then you will be thought to be offline or inactive on WhatsApp. If you want to disable tick 2 in whatsapp.

Here I will share a tutorial on how to whatsapp tick 1 (one) even though online without the 2022 application.

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How to make 1 (one) tick on WhatsApp but online

Here’s how to make whatsapp tick one even though it’s been read.

1. Your first step is to download WhatsApp Plus by FouadMods [Download]

2. You uninstall the old whatsapp, and install WhatsApp Plus

3. After that you login whatsapp using the phone number.

4. Then on the main WhatsApp Plus page, tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and select “Fouad Mods

5. Then on the FMWhatsapp Menu, you select “Privacy and security

6. You scroll down on the chats menu, you select “Contact” and tick “Hide Second Tick“.

5. done.

For those of you who want to make WhatsApp tick one even though it’s online, you can try the method above.

note :

However, for those of you who delete the old WhatsApp, you must first backup your chats. So that when you use WhatsApp plus your previous chat, you don’t lose it.

That’s how to make wa tick 1 without the 2022 application.

And also how to make whatsapp tick one even though it has been read. Hope it is useful.

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