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How to make blank text on WhatsApp without an application

How to send a blank message via WA without an application – WhatsApp (WA) is an application that has many advanced features, so many people use this application to send messages to someone.

With so many features, have you ever received a blank message? or a blank message from someone on whatsapp?

If you ever get a blank message, then you are confused about how to write a blank message on wa.

If that happens, you don’t have to worry because this time I will reveal a tutorial about blank messages.

You can use it for how to make an empty name on wa, or empty info on wa.

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Well, here’s how to make blank text on wa without an application and make a blank wa name and info without an application.

How to Create a Blank Message on WhatsApp

Here are 2 ways to make name, info and text blank on wa (WhatsApp).

The first way to make blank text on wa is by copying the text, and the second way using the code on the whatsapp web.

1. The first way is to make a name, info and blank text in wa. is to copy the text in the brackets below, and paste it in your name, info or chat on wa.

Copy → ( ‏( ‏‎ ‏‎ ‏‎ ‏‎ ‏

(Copy the blank text in the brackets and paste it on whatsapp).

You can also use the blank text to make the wa name, info and message posts blank. ‏‏‎ ‏‎

2. CTo make a blank text on wa without an application, just use the code on WhatsApp Web.

Following how to remove name on wa and also how to send empty messages on wa without an application.

  • Your first step is to open WhatsApp Web on your laptop/pc
  • Then in someone’s chat message you just press the keyboard “Alt + 0173” then send by button “Enter“.
  • Done, then an empty message has been sent to your friend.

That’s how to make a blank message or blank text on whatsapp without an application.

With the above method, you can also use it to make the wa name blank and whatsapp info blank. Hope it is useful.

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