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How to Hide WhatsApp Chat Messages Without Deleting

How to Hide WA Chats Without Deleting – WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media applications today. because by using WA we can easily chat or chat with someone just by adding someone’s phone number we can invite to chat on WA. WhatsApp is famous for using an internet signal that is not too wasteful if you use it.

With an unstable signal, we can allow chat with someone without having to wait. therefore WA is very popular because it is effective and simple. and to have a secret chat with someone, have you ever tried to hide the chat so that many people don’t know?

If you are confused about hiding wa chat without deleting chat history, maybe this article can help you solve the problem. Well this time I will give a tutorial on how to hide incoming WhatsApp messages from someone without having to archive them.

How to Hide Chats on WhatsApp

Usually, most people hide chats on WA by filing them, actually it’s okay to archive but if you archive the chat, a notification will appear in the chat that there is an archived chat. if you archive the wa chat it is the same as a lie because the chat you archive can still be seen with notifications. but if you want to hide / hide WhatsApp chat safely and secretly you should see the tutorial below. Here’s how to easily hide WhatsApp chats.

1. First you have to download GB WhatsApp or a modified WhatsApp application. to download it you can search on google with keywords [GB WhatsApp] try to download the latest version.

2. If you have downloaded GB WhatsApp, then you delete the play store version of the WhatsApp application on your android then you replace or reinstall GB WhatsApp.

3. You open GB WhatsApp then log in as usual by entering your whatsapp number.

4. Your WhatsApp is back to normal and try to make a chat that you want to hide later.

5. To hide chat on wa, you first chat with someone then tap and hold the chat and press the three dots in the upper right corner.

6. Then select “HIDE

7. Then next you will be asked to draw a pattern which you will later use to open the hidden chat. Then you make a pattern that only you know.

8. After that the Chat has been successfully hidden.

9. To restore the chat you just tap the text “WhatsApp” and enter the pattern you created earlier.

10. You tap and hold the chat that was hidden earlier then click “Three Point

11. After that you select “Mark Chat as Visible“Then automatically the chat that you hid earlier reappears in your WhatsApp chat.

INFO : To do the above method you have to use the GB WhatsApp version of WhatsApp because if you use regular WhatsApp from the play store then you can’t hide it.

Conclusion :

That’s How to Hide WhatsApp Chat Messages Without Deleting. to download the GB WhatsApp application you can search on google. well maybe that’s how to hide whatsapp chat on android easily, as well as how to hide incoming messages on whatsapp and how to hide incoming whatsapp messages. Hope it is useful.

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