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How to Turn off AutoPlay Video on Facebook Android

How to Turn off AutoPlay Video on Facebook Android – Facebook is one of the most popular social media applications today. because with Facebook we can share information or just see friends’ posts. With so many Facebook users, it also allows many Facebook users who only know how to use Facebook just to share photos or videos without seeing the features on Facebook.

Recently, Facebook added a very advanced feature[thereisaFacebookapplicationnamelythe”AutoPlay”featureThisAutoPlayfeatureisafeaturethatautomaticallyplaysvideoswhenwescrollonAndroidwithouthavingtopresstheplaybuttonforthevideoTherearealsoadvantagesanddisadvantagesoftheAutoPlayfeaturenamelytheadvantagewecanplayvideoswithoutclickingtheplaybuttonofthevideoandthedisadvantageisthatwedon’tknowthevideoisautomaticallyplayedandwillconsumeourinternetquota[adaaplikasifacebookyaitufitur”AutoPlay”FiturAutoPlayiniadalahfituryangotomatismemutarvideosaatkitascrollpadaandroidtanpaharuskitatekantombolplayvideotersebutAdapulakeuntungandankerugiandarifiturAutoPlaytersebutyaitukeuntungannyakitabisamemutarvideotanpamengkliktombolplaydarivideotersebutdankerugiannyaadalahkitatidaktauvideotersebutsecaraotomatisdiputardanakanmenghabiskankuotainternetkita

Well… if you feel bored with the autoplay feature that causes your internet quota to run out quickly because it plays videos every time we scroll on the Facebook homepage, maybe the article that we are going to find this time can help you solve this problem. following how to stop automatic videos on fb android or disable autoplay videos on facebook android.

How to Disable Facebook AutoPlay on Android

Facebook gives its users the freedom to make settings on the fb application, one of which is disabling the auto play feature. To turn off/disable the auto play video feature on Facebook, it’s quite easy, this one method is how to turn off videos on Facebook Android as follows.

1. You open the Facebook application on Android or if you don’t have the Facebook application, you can open it in a browser.

2. If you have logged in with your fb account, then you enter the menu “HELP & SETTINGS” on the menu you select “APPLICATION SETTINGS”

3. Then you will be directed to the settings menu, and you scroll down and select “AUTO PLAY”

4. The last step, you just select / checklist “Never Autoplay Video” or you can also choose “On WI-FI Connection only” depending on your needs.

5. Done.

Important ! : Actually, this AutoPlay feature has been designed well by Facebook, that is, if your battery is low, the auto play feature will not be active.

Conclusion :

That’s How to Turn off AutoPlay Video on Facebook Android. As I said above, there are actually pros and cons to this auto play feature on Facebook. so to save internet quota on android I highly recommend turning off the auto play feature. well maybe that’s how to stop automatic videos on fb android and how to set autoplay videos on facebook. Hope it is useful.

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