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How to Get the Latest 14 GB Indosat Free Quota

How to Get Free Indosat Quota 14 GB – Getting a free quota is the desire of everyone who likes the internet. because the package price for the internet for all sim cards is very expensive compared to the quota you get. Well, that’s why on this occasion I myself want to share a trick to get a 14GB quota for Indosat Ooredoo cards. Before going into the topic of discussion, it would be nice to know in advance the 14 GB free quota from Indosat.

To get a quota of 14GB on an Indosat card, Indosat customers must first purchase a MiFi package or an Indosat Ooreddoo dongle package. and also you have to be a regular customer first if you want to get a free quota of 14GB from Indosat. If you already understand at a glance about this free quota, let’s go straight to the subject as follows.

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Tricks to Get Indosat 14GB Quota

In order for you to get a free 14GB quota from Indosat, you must use an IM3 OOREDOO or Mentari starter card, which is important, a starter pack for the Indosat network. before going into the main discussion, namely how to get free internet quota indosat 2022 as for some important conditions that you must fulfill so that the free quota tutorial can run smoothly.

  • The first requirement to get this free quota, you make sure you don’t have internet quota on your card.
  • The second condition is that you make sure you don’t have credit on the Indosat card.
  • The last condition, you must be a loyal Indosat customer first for this trick to work.

If you have fulfilled the above conditions, please refer to the tutorial on dial Indosat for free internet quota as follows for the latest Indosat free internet tricks.

1. Make sure your Indosat card is without credit and also without internet quota or it can be called (0P0K) 0 pulses and 0 quota. if you have, you go to dial phone then type *363*100#

2. Then several internet package options will appear, then you select no: 6 and send

3. Next you will be taken to a menu of options to continue or cancel. stage here you choose “Carry on” by entering no: 1

4. Wait for the process to finish. If you are lucky then you will get an SMS message from 990 which states that the 14GB plan is active. and congratulations you have got a free quota of 14GB Indosat for free without credit and quota. and to check if the 14GB package is active, you can check via SMS by typing “Usage“send to 363.

How easy is it not for how to get free quota for Indosat Ooredoo 2022 ? It should be noted that the above trick can run smoothly if you use an Indosat starter pack as a regular customer or in other words, the trick above may not work if you use a new Indosat starter pack. so you have to be an Indosat customer first to get the 14GB bonus.

Conclusion :

Well that’s all about How to Get the Latest 14 GB Indosat Free Quota . how to get free quota IM3 11gb – 14gb above you can get it if you become a regular customer of Indosat Ooreedoo card. Tips for getting a free 10 – 14 GB 4G Indosat Ooredoo quota above, you can follow to get a free Indosat Ooredoo internet quota for a month of 14 GB. well, that’s all the Indosat Ooredoo 2022 free quota trick and how to activate the Indosat 4G bonus, hopefully it will be useful.

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