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Easy Ways to Get Free Skin Mobile Legends

How to Get Free Mobile Legends Skin – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA (Mobile Online Battle Arena) game that is currently popular. playing this Mobile Legends game, MLBB players can fight online using a variety of unique heroes in the Mobile Legends game. but if you want the hero to be stronger and look better, you have to get the hero skin first. for skin problems on every mobile legends hero, you can buy certain hero skins using diamonds. but on the subject of this discussion we will share tips on how to get free premium skins for mobile legends.

Many Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players have received hero skins to collect, be it premium skins (purchased) or for free. if you buy a certain hero skin in the MLBB game, the price of one skin is quite expensive if you buy it using diamonds. and it will be more difficult to get a skin if you buy it because if we are new Mobile Legends players it is very difficult to get diamonds except by diligently doing Live Streaming. if you want to have a free and easy mobile legends hero skin maybe this article can help you a little to get the skin you want.

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How to Get Free Mobile Legends Skin

1. Login Game Every Day

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If you are a new Mobile Legends player, you must be grateful because if you create a mobile legends account at this time, you will get 2 free premium skins if you are diligent in opening the game every day. To get these 2 skins, you only need to be diligent in logging in every day, then 3 days from when you start playing mobile legends you will get a Zilong skin, namely Elite Warrior. and also if you log in until the 7th day from when you create the mobile legends account then you will get a Saber skin, namely Golden Warrior. how easy isn’t it to get 2 skins for free? to get the 2 hero skins you have to be diligent in logging in every day until the 7th day of you creating the game account.

2. Lucky Spin

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As the name implies Lucky Spin which means Lucky Spin. every change of time on the mobile legends server there will be a Lucky Spin, which is luck in getting a certain hero skin. if you are lucky to play the Lucky Spin, you will get a free permanent hero skin. how to get a skin on lucky mobile legends is indeed very difficult, considering we will get the skin when we are hockey (lucky).

3. Using Fragments

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In addition to using Diamond, buying skins in the Mobile Legends game can also be purchased using Fragments. There are several types of fragments, namely: premium Fragments, Rare Fragments, Ordinary Fragments. to buy a hero we can use Premium fragments and also Rare ones. but buying skins with fargments not all hero skins can be purchased with fragments but only some heroes. for those of you who want to buy hero skins using fragments, you have to collect these fragments by: playing diligently, logging in every day and opening free chests and crown chests.

4. Skin Trial (Trial)

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If you successfully complete an event where the prize is a gift, then it’s possible that you will get a trial skin or a skin with a time limit. by using this trial skin you can use the skin if you have a hero that matches the skin. interestingly, you can use trial skins in Ranked Game if you have the hero. and to get this trial skin you can get at the event, free chests and also crown chests. but it’s also uncertain that the gift contains a trial skin, it may contain a trial hero.

5. Reach the Highest Division

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The way to get free hero skins in the last mobile legends game is to increase the ranking so that it is higher. because later in the ranked game mode there will be a change of season. with the changing of the season, every player who is in the minimum division of Master to the highest will receive a prize in the form of a certain hero skin. therefore try to get a master’s minimum division to get a hero skin when the season ends.

Conclusion :

That’s it Easy Ways to Get Free Skin Mobile Legends. and How to Get Free Premium Skins for Mobile Legends, hopefully it will add a reference for you to get free hero skins in the mobile legends game. But if you want to get a certain hero skin that you want, maybe you have to buy the skin or you can use the trick above if the skin can be obtained for free. well that’s it, the tutorial on how to get a permanent mobile legend skin may be useful.