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How to Free Internet Using XP Psiphon Axis/XL

How to Use XP Psiphon Axis – Hello everyone, on this occasion I will share a tutorial on how to use XP Psiphon. Well, those who don’t know what XP Psiphon is, I will explain briefly. XP Psiphon is an application that is used to access the internet for free by entering the bug of the sim card that you are using. for XP psiphon it is very good to use compared to other free internet applications, because in the XP Psiphon application we do not need to enter an ssh account and also do not need to mix payload like in the http injector application but it requires a little setting.

How to use the XP Psiphon application, I myself recommend using an Axis or XL card. XP Psiphon Axis Hitz is very easy to connect to the internet. Previously I’ve also discussed free internet either on HTTP Injector, KPN Tunnel and others, but specifically this time I will discuss How to Use XP Psiphon for Free Internet because it has fewer settings than other applications.

How to Use XP Psiphon

Of the many free internet applications currently available, I recommend using XP Psiphon, besides being simple and practical, you can also choose the internet server you want to use. for sim cards it is recommended to use an Axis Hitz or XL card. and keep in mind, make sure your credit is 0 and your quota is also 0 so that later when you connect to the internet, your credit and quota will not be lost. well, let’s just start discussing the tutorial How to use the XP psiphon axis 2022 is as follows.

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1. Your first step, download and first install the XP Psiphon application on your respective android. (Download link in the comments column).

2. Open the XP Psiphon application on Android, then the initial display will be like the image below.

3. Then you click the three lines in the upper left corner of the XP Psiphon application.

4. Then select XP Generator (its function is to enter bugs on the axis or XL card).

5. Then a menu will appear to enter the bug, then you fill it with the image below.


  • For URL/Host enter bugs”
  • Proxy or remote proxy you fill in the original remote proxy from axis, namely “″ or it could be “”.
  • For custom headers let Host
  • Then Real Proxy Type you choose”SOCKS
  • Below that again for your Proxy Type select or check “Real Host
  • And below that there is a Remote Proxy, you just have to check the words “Remove Port
  • The last step is to click on the text “GENERATE
  • At this stage inserting the bug is complete.

6. Next, plug in cellular data if it is not turned on, and you can also select the server you want to use by clicking “Select Server“I myself suggest using the Singapore server for a better and more stable signal.

7. If the bug has been entered and the server has been selected, the next step is to click the “CONNECT“.

8. And to see the details of the connection or not, you can click on the text “LOG” and if it is connected or connected it will be like the picture below. And happy free internet.

When it says “Connected“In the log on the XP Psiphon application, it means that you can access the internet for free without credit and without quota or xp psiphon xl axis opok. for XP Psiphon itself, namely XP Psiphon full speed or XP Psiphon unlimited. That’s how about using XP Psiphon on android, for settings or XP Psiphon Settings, you can see the picture above.


Well that’s How to Use XP Psiphon For Axis / XL. XP Psiphon used for free internet, on Axis Hitz cards, or XL cards can also use XP Psiphon. Actually XP Psiphon 2022 can also be used on other sim cards, but the sim card must have promos such as Axis Hitz and XL so that we can enter the bug in the XP Psiphon application. That’s all for the Free Internet Way Using our XP Psiphon Axis/XL, and for the XP Psiphon 2022 apk or XP Psiphon v5 and XP Psiphon v7 you can download it at the link in the comments column below. Hope it is useful.

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