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Rows of the Best Offline English Learning Apps

The Best Offline English Learning Android Apps – English is one of the languages ​​that must be studied at this time, because to get a job, usually many people use English to communicate. Besides that, English is also an international language, so it is not uncommon for schools in this world to teach English lessons to their students. But over time, technology is also getting more sophisticated, especially in smartphones. Because now there is an English learning android application that will make it easier for us to learn English.

Learning English Offline Android Application

With the presence of several English learning applications on Android, it gives us advantages, one of which is that we can learn English whenever and wherever we want to learn English on Android. English learning applications are very easy to learn via smartphones compared to books, or other multimedia, because everyone plays their smartphone 2-3 hours per day every day. so it’s a good idea to install a complete English learning android application on a smartphone. but if you don’t have a connection, you can still learn English on Android, by first installing the offline English learning application. with the android application to learn English offline, it is very easy for you to learn English even though you don’t have an internet connection. Therefore, here we will give you a few recommendations about Rows of the Best Offline English Learning Apps of which are as follows.

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1. Learn English Fast

In the android application to learn English, you can learn English while playing by using this application. This English learning application for beginners is highly recommended for those of you who want to learn English but want to relax while learning English. interestingly again the android application learns English offline and can also be used online. There are also many features in this application, one of which is the Voice Call feature, which is a feature that is used to record voice. and there are still many features that you can try with this application.

2. Hello English: Learn English

The next best offline English learning android application is Hello English: Learn English. This application makes it easy for you to learn English by giving categories when starting this application. The Hello English application also has a feature to learn English through voice recognition, and an audio dictionary that has a word with 10.00 words that you will learn for English. so this English learning application is the best on the play store.

3. Learn English for Kids

This English learning application for children is called Learning English for children. By using this application to learn English on Android, you can easily learn English with this application. Besides that, this English learning application is intended for children to learn English so that the display on this application is very suitable for children.

4. My English Indonesian Dictionary

With the advent of offline English learning android applications, it is very easy for us to know little by little English. You can consider this offline English application, this offline English learning application is called Indonesian English Dictionary. in this application it is the same as dictionaries in books, but the difference is that you can use this dictionary to learn English on Android. With the presence of English learning applications on Android at this time, it is very big to encourage us to learn English.

5. Learn English Offline

As the name implies, the Android application learns English offline. This application is the same as other English learning applications, but the difference that is quite prominent in this application is that there are so many language variants, so you can learn other languages ​​around the world only with this application. if you want to learn to learn English offline with this application you can download this application on the google play store.

6. Practice English Conversation

By using the android application to learn English, you can try the application. You can use this application in Offline mode or without an internet connection. and also the complete and best English learning android application. and very suitable for beginners because this beginner’s English learning android application has a very good appearance and way of presenting learning English.


Those are some of the Best Offline English Learning Applications. You can download the English learning application above on the Google Play Store. The above application can also be used as an Android application to learn English for children and beginners. We highly recommend the offline English learning android application above for you so that it can be used to learn English on Android. well that’s the android offline android learning application, hopefully it will be useful.