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How to Convert MP4 Videos to MP3 Without Software

How To Convert Video Into MP3 Without Software – For those of you who have the habit of watching video clips of songs, maybe you can leave this habit by listening to the video clip that has become a song. By converting video to MP3 or music, it will make us comfortable just listening to the video that has been converted into mp3 or song.

For example, if we want to hear a song, we will definitely open YouTube, then what will appear on YouTube is a video clip of the song we want to listen to. if we play it, it will waste a lot of internet quota and can only listen to songs when the video is playing. well,,, therefore on this occasion I will share a tutorial on how to convert videos into Mp3 music.

By converting videos into songs has many advantages, we can play the music without having to always play the video. and therefore especially for song/music video clips we have to convert it from MP4 format to MP3 format. to convert video to mp3, I have prepared the tutorial as follows.

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How To Convert Video Into MP3 Without Software

Converting videos to mp3 is very easy and fast without the need for additional applications. therefore you have to see how to convert video to mp3 on android or on the following laptop, I present it with several ways to convert video to mp3 as follows.

#First step : Convert MP4 Videos to MP3

2. Next, you export/upload the video that you want to convert into mp3/music. to upload it you can select “FROM COMPUTER” or click LOGO COMPUTER.

3. After that find the video that you want to convert to mp3.

4. If the video has been successfully exported, then you select “CHANGE

5. Wait a few seconds the video has been converted to mp3. and your next stepDOWNLOAD” the mp3.

6. Done.

The advantage of this WEBSITE is that it allows you to convert videos into various formats, not only mp3 but also various audio and image formats. so in this way you can convert videos into various file formats.

#Second WAY : Convert Youtube Videos Into MP3

2. Before going to the link above, you first open YouTube and then look for the video song that you want to convert to mp3. If you have found the video, you COPY the URL of the youtube video.

4. The last step you just press “CONVERT

5. After that you download the video which is already in the form of an mp3/song.

6. Done.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ! : With the two methods above you can also apply it on Android or convert videos to mp3 on Android in the two ways above. so that if you are a smartphone user you can also convert videos to mp3 via android in the above way.

Conclusion :

That’s How to Convert MP4 Videos to MP3 Without Software. By using the two methods above, you can be sure it will run smoothly when you convert videos to mp3 or songs. well maybe that’s the only way to convert videos to mp3 and also convert youtube videos to mp3 without an application. Hope it is useful.

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