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How to Check the Latest Axis Internet Quota

How to Check the Latest Axis Internet Quota – Hello, bro, on this occasion I will share a tutorial on how to check Axis internet quota. First I will tell you what it is about internet quota ? . “Internet quota is a limitation imposed by internet providers for internet users themselves”. So the internet quota will limit its users to use the internet. Therefore, now many android sim card operators provide quota-based internet packages. Simcard operators Axis, XL and others also provide quota-based internet packages.

For Axis cards, users will get quota-based internet package promos on Wednesdays and Fridays. on that day you will get a special promo from axis, namely a cheap internet quota package. For example, every Wednesday or Friday there must be an internet package promo based on Axis 5GB quota at a price that is quite affordable. The Axis internet card always provides cheap internet packages for its users, so many people use the Axis card as a card used to surf on Android. then how to check axis 2022 quota? well, take a good look at the tutorial below.

How to Check Axis Internet Quota

You can check Axis quota in several ways, including by dial phone, sms, or manually checking Axis internet quota, Axisnet application and others. In particular, here I will share a very short and easy tutorial to check the latest axis quota, which I will share in several ways, including the following.

1. By Call

How to check axis quota on android by way of calls is very effective and fast. The trick is that you just type *123*7*3# then you select the internet package you are using, if you have typed the internet package you are using then the remaining internet quota of your axis card will appear. how easy it is not to check the axis internet package quota.

2. Via SMS

One of the quick ways to check Axis internet quota is by sending an SMS to Axis. that is, by typing “QUOTA” send to 123. this way you will see the remaining internet quota of your axis card which is sent via sms.

3. Via the Axisnet Application

  • First, you first download the AXISnet application on the google play store.
  • After the application is downloaded, you open the AXISnet application on Android then when the login page you select “Register or forget password” Next you fill in your axis number, email, and verification code. Next you just need to log in or just log in to the AXISnet application.
  • If you have successfully logged in or entered the AXISnet application on the first page, you can see the remaining quota and remaining credit on your axis card.
  • For more information about the remaining axis quota, all you have to do is click on the remaining quota and then a menu will appear that provides detailed information about your average axis quota usage per day, the selected package, the expiration date of the package and others.


That’s it How to Check the Latest Axis Internet Quota. I myself recommend checking your axis quota through the AXISnet application, because by using this application you can see the remaining quota, remaining credit, buy internet packages, and others regarding the axis card you are using. well that’s just how to check pulses and check axis quotas and you can also check axis hitz and axis gaol quotas in the above way, hopefully it’s useful.

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