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List of Unique and Sophisticated Android Apps

Sophisticated Unique Android Application – Android applications are indeed very numerous in number, from the many applications available for Android, there are also unique and sophisticated applications for Android. Previously, to download applications, most people downloaded more on the Google Play Store to get applications in the form of games, tools or other entertainment applications. With so many android applications circulating in the Play Store, we have a few recommendations on a list of unique and sophisticated Android applications.

Sophisticated Unique Android Apps

Although the application that we will discuss is the most unique android application, don’t ever underestimate this unique application. Because in the most unique android applications there are also very sophisticated and most popular at this time. From several unique and sophisticated android applications, we have concluded that the following are the unique and sophisticated versions of the NakBlogz android application, including the following.

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1. Snake On Screen

The first weird unique android app is Snake On Screen. In this application you can see a snake wriggling on your android screen. This unique android application is indeed very good to use for pranking people who want to borrow your cellphone. This unique and sophisticated application on android was developed by Just4Fun, Just4Fun not only launches a snake application on the screen, but there are several other unique applications developed by Just4Fun such as ants on the screen, cockroach jokes on the screen, and many more unique and sophisticated applications developed by Just4Fun. for the Snake On Screen application, how to remove the snake on the screen with this application is quite easy, namely, you open the application and display the snake. automatically a snake will appear on your android screen, and if you want to disable this application you just open the application and disable the snake on the screen.

2. Anti Cockroach Repellent

Are there many cockroaches in your house? if there are many cockroaches, you can repel the cockroach with the android application, namely anti-cockroach repellent. This application serves to repel cockroaches by emitting high-frequency sounds that cockroaches don’t like. by using this application you will avoid cockroaches. and also this unique and sophisticated application you can download directly on the google play store.

3. Power Tattoo Camera

For those of you who want to have tattoos on their bodies because many people show off tattoos on their bodies on social media, then we also want to show off tattoos but don’t want tattoos, you can use the Power Tattoo Camera application. in this application there are many variations of tattoos that you can paste on certain photos. and by using this unique and sophisticated android application, you no longer need to have a tattoo, but simply by editing it using the Poer Tattoo Camera application.

4. Slidechat – FB and Twitter

In today’s era, of course, everyone likes to use social media to find information or just for entertainment. but there are so many social media applications while our android is not sufficient to install the application, So you don’t have to be confused now there is a Slidechat – FB and Twitter application. With this application you can access several social media using one application. Social media that can be accessed are Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook messenger.

5. Scroll Capture for Web

One of the uniquely advanced android applications, namely Scroll Capture for Web. This application allows you to take screenshots on certain websites. for those of you who want to find information on the web but for offline reading you will usually bookmark the web so you can read it at a later time, but so that it can be read offline you can use the Scroll Capture for Web application.


An advanced unique android application, which you must install on your android is WHAFF LOCKER. one application as a screen lock on android at the same time you will get money from this one application. You can get this unique and sophisticated Android application on the Google Play Store.


Those are some Unique and Sophisticated Android Applications, for the above applications you can get them on the google play store for free. well that’s it, the unique sophisticated android application version of NakBlogz, hopefully it will give you recommendations about the latest unique android applications. Hope it is useful.

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