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Get to know the various versions of the Android OS

Of course this operating system is very influential on android. For example, in an application that is on the Play Store, you can only download an Android phone using the latest Android version. This causes Android Operating System (OS) updates to develop rapidly. Until now, there are many versions of the Android OS. Well, without discussing here and there, we will immediately discuss the various versions of the Android OS:

1. Android Version (1.0) Apple Pie

The first OS is Android Apple Pie. This operating system was released in 2008. In the first android version of the operating system, there were many obstacles that did not meet expectations. The OS is version 1.0. On Android version 1.0, which is called Apple Pie, it already has features and improvements. The features it has are: Download and update via android market, web browser, Google maps, Youtube application. Although the first Apple Pie operating system is on Android, the features you have can also be said to be complete and adequate.

2. Android Version (1.1) Banana Bread

The second android operating system is android version (1.1) aka Banana Bread. On Android version 1.1, it has experienced developments and improvements from the previous system. Android (1.1) was released in 2009 and its features are already complete, namely: The ability to save MMS attachments. Android version (1.1) although the features it has are not so perfect and adequate, this Android system will be able to update to the latest version.

3. Android Version (1.5) Cupcake

The next os is named Cupcake. released in april 2009 android this version has experienced the development of the previous android version that has been released. This version of Android was also very popular and was widely used by many people in 2009. Because of its feature, it is able to upload videos to YouTube via mobile Android phones and is also able to upload images to Picasa directly from the cellular. The Android version of the cupcake already has many features, but the developers of the Android system are still updating to the latest version.

4. Android Version (1.6) Donut

Released in September 2009 android Donut, Android version 1.6 has undergone improvements from the previous android version, namely on Google maps and the android market which makes it easy to download applications. While the voice system and voice search android version of this donut is capable and captures sound more accurately. But there are also additional features in this Android, namely the Gesture Framework, and Turn-by-Turn navigation. Although the features are not very sophisticated, this android version is widely used at that time.

5. Android Version (2.0) Esclair

The next version of Android is Android Version (2.0) or Esclair. The Android OS is actually divided into 3 versions but in one name in a short time. The Esclair version of Android focuses more on system hardware because it looks like the previous version has few major features. Android Esclair itself was released in October 2009. In this android system there are features and improvements, namely: HTML, Digital Zoom, Bluetooth 2.1 and Live wallpapers. and also got an update to version 2.1

6. Android Version (2.2) Froyo (Frozen Yougurt)

The version on this android is called Froyo which is abbreviated from “Frozen Yougurt”. In this version of Android, the Android OS has developed quite well. Because it is equipped with adobe flash 10.1 features and android performance on this system is already fast compared to the previous android version. The Android version of Froyo itself was released in May 2010. And there are also features and improvements, namely: Increased speed, USB thetering, Animated Gifs and also able to upload files to the browser.

7. Android Version (2.3) GingerBread

The next version of Android is called Android Gingerbread version. In this OS, the gingerbread version of Android already has better features and performance than the previous OS. Android Gingerbread itself has 2 versions, the first version 2.3 – 2.3.2 was released on 6 December 2010. And the second android version, namely version 2.3.3 – 2.3.7 was released on 9 February 2009. In this version of Android, Android already has Can play games, NFC is a technology that allows users to make mobile payments to receive free information and goods. The gingerbread version of Android also has features and improvements including: UI Update, Video Call Support, Copy/Paste Improvement.

8. Android Version (3.0) Honey Comb

The Android version (3.0)n was released on February 22, 2011. On the Android Honey Comb version, it is also divided into 3 versions, namely:

  • Version 3.0 In this version there are also features and improvements, namely: Multicore support, better tablet support, 3D UI updates, adjustable Home screen, Google ebooks, private browsing.
  • Version 3.1 In this version a few features and additions are: Improved UI, MTP Notifications, Home screen that can be adjusted in size, Support Mouse, Joystick, and gamepad, and USB Host API.
  • Version 3.2 In this version there are also features that have been improved and added, namely: Optimize for various tablets, Synchronization of media from SD Card, And display compatibility mode.

9. Android Version (4.0) Ice Cream Sandwich

The next android version is Ice Cream which is version (4.0). This version of Android has experienced very good development from the previous version. Released on October 18, 2011. This version of Android also has features and improvements which include: use of the lock screen system, Wifi Direct feature, spelling correction. In the Android version of the ice cream itself, it has a simple but elegant text or font style, namely roboto. In this version of Android, you can also change the widget at will.

10. Android Version (4.1) Jelly Bean

The android version, which was released on July 9, 2012 is already very good from the previous version because it already has a very accurate weather prediction feature and voice search. Android version 4.1 also has a fast and lightweight performance. with full chrome browser to surf the internet fast. Android version 4.1 or jelly bean is also widely used on cellphones today. The features and improvements are: support google now, improve the camera application, improve performance to be faster when operated. And also already has the Quik feature setting on wifi and bluetooth by long pressing when you want to open the application. Although it is very good Android version 4.1 also has shortcomings.

11. Android Version (4.4) Kitkat

Released on October 31, 2022 it also has very good performance and features and is better than the previous Android version. And also on this Android version of Kitkat, it is also advanced, which can make video calls, stream smoothly, and there is also screen recording to record screen activity on our Android. Android kitkat also has a fast performance when opening applications and surfing the internet. Updated navigation bar and much more.

12. Android Version (5.0) Lollipop

Android version 5.0 or what is called lollipop is very popular until now on average everyone’s android phone uses the Android version 5.0 system. In the lollipop version of Android, there are also many features and improvements which include: New material design, increased speed, battery life. and also supports multi card. An increasingly elegant android display with a navbar background follows the application that we open. And on Android version 5.0, there are many applications on the Google Play Store that support Android version 5.0, aka this lollipop. And also notification improvements, when there is a notification it will automatically appear on this lock screen which makes Android 5.0 version good.

13. Android Version (6.0) Marshmallow

Androi The latest version now is Android version 6.0 or commonly called Marshmallow. In this android version, android system and performance speed increase. This version of Android itself was released on October 5, 2022. with very fast performance and equipped with advanced features such as USB Type C support, increased battery life, Permissions dashboard, and also fingerprint support, which is a screen lock that uses a popular fingerprint. at the moment. Usually, the Android phones that get the Android version of the Android update are cellphones with certain brands.

14. Android Version (7.0) Nougat

The latest version of Android at this time is Android version 7.0 or often called Nougat. With more advanced features, namely being able to resize the display at will and notifications that are different from version 6.0 (marshmallow). The Android version of Nougat itself was released around mid-2022. The most basic update of Android Nougat is the Google Assistant update that replaces Google Now. And also improves the doze feature. This Nougat version of Android also has Virtual Reality platform support from Google, namely Viewing the Android screen using special tools and being able to see it in real and 3D. However, to update to the Nougat version of Android, only certain Android phones are given an update to this version.

So, that was a glimpse of the Android OS version on every Android phone currently circulating. To find out the Android version above, you can sort it alphabetically because the initial letters are sequential.

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