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7 of the Best Scary Horror Games on Android

Best 7 Scariest Horror Games on Android – Hello Brosist Back to my little blog, NakBlogz. On this occasion I want to discuss about games because since I am on vacation but confused about choosing what games are suitable to play. The horror game that will be discussed is the scariest and scariest.

Hehe… so when playing this game, don’t be alone, bro. Previously, there were many variants and categories of android games provided on the play store. But what we will discuss this time is a horror game. Just hearing the words makes us scared, let alone playing it, but calm down, bro, this is just a game. For those of you who love horror games, you must try the game that we are going to discuss.

Horror-themed games will make players feel a scary sensation. Well, without further ado, let’s discuss, here are the 7 Scariest Horror Games on Android:

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1. The School : White Day

The Android horror game that will be discussed first is The School: White Day. This game does have an exciting and tense storyline. The theme of this horror game takes the theme at school.

In this game, the players of this game will explore a haunted area where there are many ghosts or zetans. In this game, there is a character named Hui-Min and every time he runs a mission, Hui-Min will continue to be terrorized by mysterious sounds and even surprises by ghosts that will make players surprised and even heartbroken.

Game developed by ROIGAME with the theme of horror adventure that will make players tense and afraid. Good if you want to download the game The School: White Day, please download it directly on the play store, but unfortunately this game is paid, which is now around Rp. 99,000, very break even with the game that you get is very good.

2. Paranormal Asylum

The second android horror game called Paranormal Asylum. As the name implies, you will become a psychic and find many mysterious creatures. In this horror game, my friend as a player in the game will bring a camera and record the figure of a mysterious creature.

But in this game, you can’t be caught by a mysterious creature waiting there. In this game, my friend will not bring candles, flashlights and other lighting, but my friend has prepared a handycam that contains the lamp.

What makes this game fun is that we record ghosts only with a handycam and the place is pitch black which will make us curious. in this game also themed adventure and puzzles. The mission of this game also varies, one of which cannot be caught by the ghost. How interested in playing this game?.

3. Forest 2

The next game comes from a well-known game developer, namely Develobster. This game has a setting in the forest according to the name of the game. Game forest 2 requires players to complete the missions given in the game.

In the game forest 2 players will only bring a flashlight to light the way. This game also has good graphics because the 3D game display will make players feel at home playing this game for hours. Game forest 2 also has a very good storyline and also many missions in the game and must be completed correctly and well.

What makes it exciting in game forest 2 is that you are told to walk around at night and just bring a flashlight. And it will be surprised by its ghost trap which will surprise players.

4. Charlie Charlie Challenge 3D

The next game is called Charlie Charlie Challenge 3D. A game that is like if we call it a game of jelangkung. But in this game we summon ghosts using tools such as pencils and books.

PThis game of summoning ghosts is actually out there, because there is a game of summoning this spirit, the game developer made this game to test the mentality of the players.

Games that have fairly high graphics and have very complete features will make you addicted to playing this game. If you are interested in this game, you can download it directly on the google play store because the game is free and very good.

5. Goosebumps Night Of Scares

The next game comes from the famous game developer, Cosmic Forces. This game is very unique because we have to complete missions and not get caught by ghosts. The place or setting in this game is in the house.

This game is very fun to play because a ghost that suddenly will make us shocked and surprised when playing this game. The graphics of this game are also very good and are 3D. Thus my friend will be addicted to playing this horror but fun game.

This game is also very suitable to test your guts buddy and I suggest not to play this game alone because later you can be surprised by a ghost that is almost real in this game. How curious about this game, please, buddy, pick it up directly from the source.

6. Slendrina : The Cellar (Free)

This game is very unique and fun. Because in this game you only bring one candle as a light. Game that has a mission to take keys and books in the room.

In the game you also have to run away when you meet a mysterious creature because if you don’t run, you will be eaten and will make you lose. What makes this game exciting is that we as players will be surprised by spooky ghosts.

Dwill make my friend very surprised because the appearance of ghosts in this game appears suddenly. Games that have a size that is not too big and light to play on android.

7. Eyes – The Haunt

Eyes – The Haunt is a first person horror game. In this game the player must enter the building at night and steal dozens of bags of money and then leave in an invisible way.

But there is a big problem in this game is that players will be scared by ghosts and other spooky figures. Games that are very real as if we are in the game will make you surprised and surprised if you are afraid of ghosts. The mission of this Eyes game is to escape through building rooms and find money by opening every cupboard in the room.

And you have to be careful in playing this game, if you are not careful, you will be caught by mysterious creatures. The presence of ghosts in this game can also be guessed by the way that when there is a mysterious sound, that’s when you have to run and get away from the sound. How interested in this game?.

So, those were some of the scariest horror games on the Android version of NakBlogz. The horror games on Android above can be played, friends, but remember this game is very scary and my advice is not to play this game alone hehe.

My own recommendation is that I like the White Day game because the plot is very good. Well that’s all I can say thank you.

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