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Quick and Easy Way to Farm Ruby in Seven Knights Kakao

Easy Ways to Farm Ruby in Seven Knights Kakao

For you ruby ​​farmers in Seven Knight Cocoa, you may be familiar with the name farming ruby. Moreover, you are a gacha enthusiast, of course you really need lots of rubies.

In this article, Babang will give a few tips on how to farm rubies that are easy and automatic. This trick is shown for those of you who don’t know how to farm rubies automatically in Seven Knights Kakao because they don’t know the language. Well, curious right? Here are the steps.

1. You must have an Awaken Ruri hero first, you can get it in the selector, power up or from gacha.

2. Next, open Adventure, then choose which map you want to farm on, but Babang usually farms on Map 13-1

3. Later an image will appear as below, then you tap the gear image (settings), don’t forget to check the auto repeat and booster points

4. Please set it according to the image below circled in orange. If your hero slot is not maximized, you can buy a Ruri Package for 500 rubies to automatically sell items, and a hero if suddenly your hero slot is full. Buy Ruri packages can be purchased on the writing circled in green.

5. Next, setting the Awaken Ruri skill, you can set it in the text circled in red (in the picture above). Please set it according to the image below.

The one circled in orange selects the first skill, then there will be a number 1 written, that means in the first round, only the first skill is used. Then you tap on the text circled in green, then the settings will be according to the image below.

If you have finished setting, please tap the cross in the upper right corner. Now you can farm automatically. It is recommended that you use a Rabbit pet, so you can easily get fodder to level up to level 30.

Well, that’s the quick and easy way to farm ruby ​​automatically, it’s highly recommended to farm using an emulator on a PC for maximum results. If you are still confused, you can ask through the comments and I hope this article is useful.

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