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Proof of Payment for Propellerads Latest Adsense Alternatives

Propellerads is a CPM-based advertising medium. Propellerads can also be your alternative if it is not accepted on Adsense.

Propellerads has various types of ads such as popunders, native banners, native subscriptions, interstitials and direct links.

In this article, Babang will provide screenshots of proof of payment from Propellerads advertising, here are some screenshots

Actually Babang has paid out many times from Propellerads so you don’t need to be afraid to try it. The screenshot above proves that Propellerads is really legit. If you have a high visitor website or blog but it was rejected by Adsense, it’s a good idea to try this advertising. If you are interested in placing this ad, you can Register here. There is no minimum limit of visitors that you have, your site will be immediately approved by the Propellerads manager.

Well, that’s a little review about Propellerads along with screenshots of proof of payment, I hope it’s useful