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How to Share Large Files Very Quickly and Easily – Many people definitely like to use the email feature to send a message files documents, or photos to videos. But what if the file to be sent is very large in size beyond the capacity limit for sending via Gmail? (maximum capacity limit is 20MB). Of course we have to find alternative solutions so that files We can send the big one to the person we want to go to. Well, here’s an alternative way to share files big easily and quickly, checkout

How to Share Large Files Very Quickly and Easily

  1. Google Drive
    Google Drive
    Google Drive

    Yosh the first way is that we use Google Drive. Of course you are already familiar with this one application and almost every Android has this application. Google Drive allows users to store and share files quickly and easily. Google Drive offers a fairly large storage capacity of 15GB, and more files These can be downloaded for personal needs or downloaded by other people if they have the link that we provide.

  2. OneDrive

    The second way we use OneDrive. OneDrive is a rival to Google Drive which is equally as an online storage medium. OneDrive provides the same storage capacity as Google Drive, which is 15GB. OneDrive also has download and share features, so we can share files that we have to others easily.

  3. Send Anywhere
    send anyware
    Send Anywhere

    Furthermore, Send Anywhere, this service provides a fairly large storage capacity of 2GB. But if it’s still not enough, don’t worry, because Send Anywhere can still send files which is 4GB in size via the browser, if it will send files 10GB size we can send it via plugins Outlook or we can use extensions in the Chrome browser, and if files size of 20GB we can use the Send Anywhere application on iOS and Android.

  4. WeTransfer

    WeTransfer offers to send quite large files, but if you only want to send it once then using this service is the right choice. WeTransfer only provides a maximum file capacity that can be uploaded is 2GB. What’s more we can send the file to 20 different emails and what’s even more interesting is that the file link will have a time limit after the file is downloaded.

  5. Send

    The last is Send, this service is made by Mozilla which is claimed to be able to send files safely. We only need to type in the format “” in the address bar of the browser service, then we can directly upload files up to 1GB in size and the files are immediately encrypted. If the file has been downloaded by the recipient, the file will be automatically deleted by itself.

That’s how to send various files easily and quickly, hopefully it can make it easier for you to share files with the people you want. Thank you 😀

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