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Awaken Yeonhee Seven Knights Kakao KR

Awaken Yeonhee Seven Knights Kakao KR
Awaken Yeonhee

This hero is a type hero Mage, so when we power up this hero must use the water element (water). Yeonhee also includes Emperor heroes such as Teo, Keyle, and Karma. This hero is only a few months of awakening so this hero is still meta in the arena. Skill and Passive are also overpowered, so here’s a discussion of Yeonhee’s skills and passive

Before Awaken

Yeonhee 4 stars

5-star Yeonhee

6-star Yeonhee

After Awaken

  1. Skill 1 : Give 100% Magical Attack for 3 enemies with the highest ATK four times, apply Penetrates (break through)
    Yeonhee Skill 1
  2. Skill 2 : Giving 120% Magical Attack to all enemies twice. In addition, the chance to inflict a debuff sleep for 2 turns. And scramble the enemy formation.
    Yeonhee Skill 2
  3. Awaken Skill : Give 200% Magical Attack for 2 enemies three times. raises “Nightmare Effect” to the enemy for 2 turns. Apply a surprise attack system and reset the enemy’s Awaken Skill. (Yeonhee’s Awakening Skill takes more time to charge).
    Yeonhee Skill Awaken


  • Gives a 100% Dodge chance for 6 turns to himself.
  • Add Magical Attack teams up to 80%.
  • Apply “Hand of the Dream” to basic attacks.
  • Apply critical to all attacks.
  • Permanently grants himself Debuff Immunity/Resistance.

Dedicated Items

  • Increases Lethal chance by 20%
  • Increases critical damage up to 30%
  • *Passive* when attacked, will be deducted by 20% of max HP.

Lv.46 Peningkatan Upgrade Damage increased from 120% to 130%

Lv.50 Peningkatan Upgrade Reduces target’s buff duration by 5 turns.


“Hand Of Dream Effect”

Basic attack will attack 2 enemy targets.

– Basic Attack has a high chance to inflict nightmare effect.

– Every 3rd basic attack, will give 75% magical attack twice to all enemies.

“Nightmare Effect”

Gives Nightmare effect to sleep targets & sleep debuff to non-sleep targets. Enemies affected by the Nightmare effect cannot cast any skills and their defense is ignored if the enemy deals damage. 1 attack cannot remove the Nightmare effect unlike the sleep debuff. The nightmare effect can be removed if the enemy (who is hit by the nightmare effect) attacks more than 2 hits. The nightmare effect lasts for 2 turns, if the effect is not removed after 2 turns, the enemy (affected by the nightmare effect) will die.

Now that’s Yeonhee’s skill and passive hero, quite overpowered in my opinion, and highly recommended to be used in the arena, aka mandatory. Hopefully this article can be useful for Seven Knight Kakao players, thanks for reading

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