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Easy Ways to View Copyright Status / Copyright on Youtube – The world of Youtube in Indonesia is growing rapidly. Lots of Youtubers have sprung up, ranging from artists to ordinary people. If you are a beginner Youtuber, you must know how to manage your channel to avoid copyright.

Copyright or commonly called Copyright is a scary thing for Youtubers. Because if the content you create contains content that contains Copyright then the content can be subject to Copyright Strike, your content cannot be monetized, even worse, your channel can get banned, you know.

In this article, Babang will discuss how to view Copyright status or Copyright on Youtube.

1. First, please open the Youtube page, then click login.

2. Enter your email and password, then click login.

3. Next, you click the channel icon in the upper right corner, then click Youtube Studio Beta.

4. Later you will be redirected to your channel page.

5. Next, you click the video menu which is on the left of the YouTube beta page, then you will see a video and copyright status.

6. In the Visibility column, later you will see 3 notification icons, namely

  • Green eyes
  • Yellow eyes
  • Red eyes

Green eyes are a sign that your video content does not violate copyright and can be monetized
Yellow eyes are a sign that your video content violates copyright and the monetization results will be sent to the copyright owner of the content
Red eyes are a sign that your video content violates copyright, cannot be monetized and deleted by Youtube.

The final word
Well, that’s how to see copyright or copyright on Youtube. Hope it’s useful

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