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Easy Ways to Get Deco Coins at Sawah Hago

Easy Ways to Get Daco Coins at Sawah Hago – Hago is an application in which there is a collection of several games special. In addition, in Hago you can communicate with your opponent using a microphone, you know.
After a trial period, finally the Sawah Hago game is now officially played for the public. In this game you will focus on planting various kinds of trees to produce various fruits and then selling them to produce gold coins. In the maintance update on February 22, 2021, Sawah Hago introduced a new feature, namely the Decoration System using Deco Coins.
You can do decorations by changing the buildings and trees around the land to make it look better than before.

Well, this time Babang will give a tutorial on how to quickly get Deco Coins in Sawah Hago.

1. Unlock Lands That Are Still Locked

When you level up, you can open a land box with gold coins.

Each new land you open will give you 750 Deco Coins.

2. Upgrade Private Land and Shared Land

Private land is land that you can cultivate at any time. While the joint land is land that can only be planted by your friends in the game Sawah Hago.

To open new lands and upgrade lands, you need to increase the level according to the required level requirements. To upgrade you also need a lot of gold coins. If your gold coins are not enough then the upgrade process cannot be done. By upgrading the land you can produce Deco Coins according to the type of land that you have upgraded. Suppose you upgrade from red land to black land then you will get 2000 Deco Coins.

3. Increase Game Level

There are several tricks on how to level up quickly without using a cheat method, namely by add as many friends as possible using the Roads feature which allows you to see other people’s land. But you have to make sure that the friend you add is level higher than the level you have, and at least has a lot of gold-colored land and lots of plants to plant. This is useful for stealing crops from each other, getting gold coins and EXP from watering and mowing friends’ grass.

In addition, the benefit of adding many friends in Sawah Hago is that you can plant more trees on your friends’ shared land which of course can quickly add EXP according to the type and number of trees you plant. The Kongsi area is marked with a star symbol.

If the road features you have have run out, but you want to keep looking for land. The trick is by looking at your friends’ info boards and then checking out the people who commented on those boards. Next, all you have to do is click “drop in” under the person’s photo. If you’re lucky, you’ll find someone else’s land full of plants that you can steal. But if it’s not there, you can go back to the info board and stop by the next account. Repeat as you wish.

Besides, you can get quite a lot of EXP by complete daily missions.

The final word

Well, that’s how to get deco coins easily and quickly. The more deco coins, the easier it is for you to decorate your Hago Rice Fields. I hope this tutorial is useful..

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