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Easy Ways to Tap Your Girlfriend's Android Smartphone, 100% Successful!

Wiretapping is an act that is not allowed and can result in criminal sanctions. However, if you want to tap the cellphone of your girlfriend, child, wife or husband, it should only be for urgent purposes. For example, to find out if a boyfriend is cheating on you or not, or to monitor the use of cellphones in children.

But what can be tapped at this time is Whatsapp, BBM and SMS. This tapping method can only be done on Android and BB10 cellphones, here are the steps:

  1. Install the eavesdropping application first

To perform wiretapping, an application is needed, namely SmartphoneLogs. This application is not available on the Playstore, please download it on the SmartphoneLogs site, you can search it on Google. After downloading, please install it on the target cellphone, the size is very small, only 1.43 MB, the file name is app.apk
Because the download is outside the Playstore, the way to install it is also different. When the application is installed, you will be directed to settings Blocked Apps, please tick the section Source unknown (unknown sources).
At the time of installing this application will change its name to PhoneSettings. Why did the name change? That is so that the owner of the cellphone does not suspect that his cellphone is being tapped. after, fill in the column Username, Password, and e-mail. The goal is to monitor all conversations on a tapped cell phone. Username and password must be different with existing ones. If at the time of creating the username and password, used by someone else, then when you press the button Active notification backup will fail with a description of the username or password has been used.

If it’s done, please press menu Save and Hide this app. By pressing the menu the application will not appear on the target cellphone, this application will only exist on the cellphone system with the name Phone Settings, once again the goal is so that the owner of the tapped cellphone is not suspicious. At this point, the setup stage on the HP that will be tapped is complete. Look at the image below for more details.

To find out if the cellphone has been installed on SmartphoneLogs or not, please go to Mobile Settings, open the Application Manager, then look for an application called PhoneSettings as shown in the picture. If you want to delete SmartphoneLogs, please select Delete in PhoneSettings. Once deleted, the tapping automatically stops.
2. How to see the wiretapping results
To see the wiretapping results from the target cellphone, please enter the SmartphoneLogs site with your own cellphone, you don’t need to use the target cellphone. Please login in the top right corner menu, enter the username and password that was created when installing SmartphoneLogs on the target cellphone, for more details see the image below. If you forget your password, please select recovery password by entering your email during registration.

All incoming conversations from SMS, Whatsapp, BBM, and others have been tapped. If it doesn’t appear, please reload or wait until it actually appears. And keep in mind that this method can only intercept incoming messages and cannot intercept outgoing messages.
You can also find out the location of the Target Phone, Call List, and Browser Notifications.

The final word
So that’s how easy it is to tap your boyfriend’s Android smartphone, 100% successful!
Actually this method violates the privacy of others. However, if it is used wisely for good, for example, to monitor girlfriend loyalty, to monitor children’s activities from content that should not be seen.

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