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This is the Best Cocoa Teo Seven Knights Awaken Item Build

Teo seven knights cocoa HD
Awaken Teo Seven Knights Cocoa – On this occasion Mobile Clip I will share tips on building the right and best items for Super GG heroes in the arena because they are famous for their passive which is quite GG, especially since the Crit Rate is really good.

Before discussing the build item, it’s a good idea to know Teo’s skill and passive, checkout

Passive :

Grant 5 Void Shield to himself.

When he dies, resurrect with 7 turns of Fury Effect

During Fury Effect, he will be Immune to all Debuffs and all basic attacks hits twice and always critical.

Skill 1:

Targets all enemies with 100% physical damage twice. ( Always critical and penetrates )

Skill 2:

Targets all enemies with 80% physical damage twice. (Always critical)

Reduces buff duration by 3 turns

Chance to deal additional 80% physical damage.

Awakened Skills:

Targets all enemies with 100% physical damage three times.

Deals additional 40% physical damage if there are lesser targets.

( Always critical And Penetrates )

tho seven knight korea cocoa

now let’s see the build item

  1. For the attack item, I use Lethal Attack, Why is Lethal Attack not Attack Speed? The reason is because after Teo dies he will rise with Fury for 7 turns, but when Teo attacks his Fury it will decrease, during normal hits Fury will decrease by half a bar, if Teo issues a skill then the fury will decrease by 1 bar, if we use teo’s speed attack will look aggressive and die quickly, if we use Lethal Attack plus Passive Teo which is Critical it will cause considerable damage (depending on the item).
  2. For the armor I use Max HP, why use Max HP instead of Counter Attack? Same as answer number 1 earlier, if Teo uses Counter Attack then Teo will be aggressive, besides if Teo uses Counter Attack then Teo will die easily because his HP is low.
  3. For Jawels it is recommended to use Max HP and Lethal Attack
  4. For Ring, it is recommended to use Ring No. 16 which is marked in red in the image below.

    So that’s the build item for Teo at Seven Knights Korea Kakao, it’s just a suggestion from me, maybe you guys have the best build item for Teo, please share in the comments

    I hope your Teo becomes GG in the arena haha

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