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Easy Ways to Register and Activate BCA Mobile Banking Complete

If you want to make a transfer or payment via Bank BCA, now you can do it via Mobile Banking.

Easy Ways to Register and Activate BCA Mobile Banking Complete

Mobile Banking or commonly known as M banking is a service that is presented by Bank BCA to make it easier for customers to transact.

You can use m-banking as the best solution, because by using m-banking you can take a non-cash ATM wherever you go, to pay for online shopping, Top up Grab, Gojek and other services.

Easy Ways to Register and Activate BCA Mobile Banking Complete

In this article, Babang will provide a tutorial on how to register and use BCA m-banking, here are the steps:

1. Download and Install the BCA m-banking application, you can install it on the Playstore and App Store

2. Register for M-Banking via the nearest BCA ATM

3. Another alternative for the BCA M-banking list is to visit the nearest BCA Bank office, just go to the bank officer and ask to activate m-banking, later you will be asked to take a queue number. After being called, your BCA m-banking will be activated.

4. Then you just have to activate your M-Banking after registering at an ATM or bank office. Here are the steps

  • Please open the BCA Mobile application that is already installed on your cellphone.
  • Then select the m-admin menu, then select yes / ok
  • Next select activation and press yes / ok
  • Please agree to the Clause
  • Enter your BCA ATM number.
  • Then enter your m-BCA PIN then press yes / ok

After success, your cellphone screen will have a welcome message on the m-BCA service
By activating this service, you can only use the m-info and m-admin features.

To use other features, you must come to the nearest BCA Bank office with your

  • ATM/BCA Dollar/Tapes card that is already connected to m-BCA
  • Identity Card example: KTP, SIM
  • Passport BCA or BCA dollar cards that are already connected to m-BCA
  • Already registered on m-BCA, as well as non-finacial activation on your cellphone.

After activating, you can immediately make transfers on the same day.

Transaction fees using m-banking BCA

  • Operator XL: Non-financial transaction costs Rp.650, Financial costs Rp.1300
  • Indosat : Non-financial transactions prepaid 600, postpaid 500 and prepaid financial transactions 1200, postpaid 1000
  • Telkomsel: Non-financial kartuHalo 850, sympathy: 1010, US: 960 and Financial Kartu Halo 1450, Sympathy 1670, US: 1620

Note: Financial transactions include transfers, payments and commerce, while non-financial transactions include balance information, account mutations, and so on.

Difference between Klik BCA and M-BCA

Klik BCA and M-BCA are different, if Klik BCA uses the internet network it uses quota, while M-BCA always uses credit for every transaction.

The final word

So that’s how to register and use BCA m-banking, I hope it’s useful and good luck!

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