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Easy Way Myth Awaken Hero Seven Knights Kakao

Seven Knights Kakao is an RPG game on Android and iOS smartphones that is quite popular in Korea. In Indonesia, most play the Global or Asian version of the Seven Knights game.

Easy Way Myth Awakening Hero Seven Knights Kakao

But Babang himself prefers to play in the Korean version because according to Babang, Seven Knights Kakao has a storyline ahead of the Global version.

However, it is highly recommended for those of you who want to play Seven Knights Kakao to try the Global version first, so that you understand the language before playing the Korean version.

Easy Way Myth Awaken Hero Seven Knights Kakao

Not long ago, Seven Knights Kakao just updated a new system, namely Myth Awakening Hero.
Myth Awakening is arguably the second Awaken of the Seven Knights hero.

At the time this article was written, there are several heroes that you can Myth Awaken, including Dellon, Wukong, Shane, Thrud, Orca, Aarang, Freyja, Hellenia and the new Myth Awaken today, May.

For those of you who don’t know how to do Myth Awakening heroes in Seven Knights Kakao, Babang will give a tutorial.

Here are the Myth Awakening Hero steps in Seven Knights Kakao

1. You must first awaken the hero, the requirements for the awakened hero include:
– Hero minimum level 30 +5
– Have enough Awakening Shard, normal heroes need 300, revolution heroes 400, special heroes 500.
– Gold 300,000
2. If it is fulfilled, please do the Awakening process.

3. The next step, you just have to start the Myth Awakening process, the Myth Hero requirements include:
– Minimum level 40 +10
– Having an Awakening Myth Shard is enough, for normal heroes it takes 400, special heroes 500.
– Gold 300,000

4. If it is complete, then do the Myth Awakening process.

5. Done, your Hero has succeeded in Myth Awaken

Note: You can get Awaken Shard and Awakening Myth Shard in Daily Dungeon.

The final word
So that’s the Myth Awakening Hero Seven Knights method, hopefully it’s useful and good luck!

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