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Easy Ways to Create an Online Petition on

Online Petition is a form of request from many people addressed to the government, company, or organization, to address a problem or case that occurs.

Easy Ways to Create an Online Petition on

With online petitions, you don’t need to demonstrate in front of government buildings, companies or organizations. Because you just need to collect signatures from many people through the online petition service,

Easy Ways to Create an Online Petition on
If you want to ask for a solution to a problem that will involve the government, company or organization. It’s a good idea to create an online petition. How to? Here are the steps that Babang will give to create an online petition

1. The first step, open your browser then access

2. Next, register first if you don’t have an account.

3. If you have registered or have an account, please login and then click start petition.

start petition

4. After that, please fill in the title of the petition.

petition title

5. Then you input the decision maker. The decision maker is the institution (government) that will be the target of the online petition.

online petition target

6. In the next stage, please write down your complaints and solutions.

fill out online petition

7. Next you will be asked to complete your profile. Complete it properly.

complete profile

8. Next, you will be asked to upload a photo or video.

upload video or photo

9. You have successfully created the petition. Before publishing, you should check first, whether it is good or not. If you want to change something, you can click edit.

edit petition

10. After the petition is published, please share it with your friends or other people so that they can also sign the petition that you created.

share the petition

11. Done, your petition has been successfully created and shared with others.

The final word
So that’s how to easily create an online petition on, good luck and good luck!