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7 Promising Home Business Opportunities With Only Small Capital

Just Type – Having your own business, especially for people like housewives, certainly looks so attractive. Especially if the type of business is a home-based business that can be more flexible and does not interfere with activities while at home. There are many advantages of this home business so many are interested in it. This business opportunity is also very suitable for those of you who live in big cities in Indonesia, such as in Jakarta, Bandung, Makassar, Surabaya, Medan, Bekasi, and other big cities.

Although attractive, usually opening a business will be hindered by capital. The name of the business is synonymous with large enough capital. However, make no mistake because currently there are many home-based business opportunities that only require small capital and the prospects for profits are quite large.
This home-based business is certainly no longer a foreign name in the ears of many people. Laundry business has the potential to bring high profits on your journey in the future. Especially considering that this business is very easy to run and does not require too much complicated administration.
In addition, the capital to open this business is not much. You even only need a washing machine, iron, detergent, fragrance and supporting tools that are easily available. With a capital of under 3 million, this business can be started immediately. With satisfactory service and competitive prices, a laundry business that is run directly from home can grow and get bigger.
However, before opening the business you need to pay attention to the location where you live. This is directly related to the target market later. The more strategic the area where you live and is classified as a bustling area, the better the prospects for this business. Usually around the city’s educational center or the business center of a city, it is highly recommended to open a laundry.

2. Sell Credit and Internet Packages Online

The next business opportunity that is no less promising is selling credit. Of course, this business will definitely be started from home. Selling credit, for now of course you need one package along with vouchers and internet package refills. Such a business system will bring greater profits and a wider target customer.
The capital needed to open the business is even only around 1-2 million. With good management and of course price competition that dominates the market, you can develop your home business to be even bigger. Also make sure that the internet and credit package products being sold are complete. You can also offer it online.
3. Open a Coffee Shop Business
In this day and age, not a few of them like to spend their time just hanging out in coffee shops. Especially if you live around a certain campus or area where the culture of the people is coffee. This situation finally opened the opportunity to establish an attractive coffee shop that could invite many visitors every day.
Especially for those who live in strategic areas, this business is highly recommended. However, that doesn’t mean the challenges are easy. You need to compete with many other coffee shop owners to be able to grow your business and reach customers. In addition, the arrangement must be precise even though it is simple. For a simple warkop itself, the capital required is not too large.
Have a knack for cooking or making delicious snacks? Here opening a snack business can be one of the best choices to rely on. The snack food business has high development potential in the future. Especially if it manages to bring it into a special brand with many fans. But setting up this business requires a strong will and effort.
Talking about capital, at the beginning you don’t need too much. Simply make a few samples first and start researching the advantages and disadvantages of these foods. After that, it can be confirmed what kind of product will be offered. The core capital is only needed to buy snacks and product packaging.
When you start successfully selling products and getting results, the next step in your business to make it big is to upgrade. Make sure to take advantage of the sales proceeds to start adding capital and expanding your reach. Now marketing can be easier considering the online system that has dominated the business world and can be run from home.
The previous business required skills in the kitchen, while this time it required high creativity. If you are a homebody category who has high creativity and innovation and is interested in handicrafts, then you can try a handmade business. Not just a business, when you run it later you can even enjoy it because it has become a habit and a hobby.
The capital required for this business is not high. You only need to prepare the materials to make the masterpiece. Even so, in sales you can get quite a promising profit because what is expensive is creativity.
You can sell your own handmade products from home. Starting from offering it to friends, the environment and on social media. The reach of social media in this case will lead to a larger market. It will be very profitable if you are already active on social media because various platforms can be used to collect income.
Join a Food Franchise
Currently the food franchise business is being targeted. In this business, you no longer need to take into account the issue of the brand of the product being sold or try to introduce it from scratch. All you have to do is join a business provider that you are interested in and you just have to market food products that are generally well known.
The benefits of this business are no joke. The food franchise business is very promising considering that you can run it from home. To get started, the capital required is also not too large. Currently, many food franchises are owned with a capital of 5 million. However, make sure that you have chosen the right type of franchise.
Fashion Business From Home
Finally, for those who like fashion or are interested in a business in this field, maybe a fashion business from home can be started. Fashion business that is done from home is very easy to run. Even though there are many competitors, you just have to be smart to win the hearts of customers and make as many sales as possible. In addition, service is also an important point in the business.
Products sold in this business can be personal products or other people’s products. You can also choose the two-leaf and start to see where the customer’s interest will go. You can also do marketing in this business directly by opening a stall at home, or do it online through a marketing system on various social media.

For those who plan to open a home business but don’t have much capital, some of the latest business opportunities above can be an option. Make sure to choose the type of business that fits your current budget and is really in demand. Also pay attention to some supporting aspects such as the target market and the location of the opening of the business before starting it.

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