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8 Most Popular Free Online Game Recommendations on Android 2021-2021

Just type – Playing games is not only a mere entertainment but many also make it a daily hobby. In this case, there are many choices of games that can be referenced via Android phones though. In fact, there are lots of free online games that are very interesting to play every day. With the free title, of course these games are increasingly recommended for various gamers.

If you only make games for entertainment, then choosing this free game category is highly recommended so that it is more economical but can still enjoy it. The choices are also quite varied and will not make you bored playing these free games. Curious about the list of free online games that are meant? To find out more info, see the list of some games below.
1. Mobile Legends : Adventure
Who doesn’t know the name Mobile Legends? This game is very popular among gamers and people who are not gamers though. Basically, there are two types of Mobile Legends that will be included in the criteria this time. The first is the Adventure version. The difference between this and the other version is that it is a lighter game category when played.
This game only takes up 78 MB of storage memory. The game also offers dozens of heroes whose strengths vary. There are definitely 6 different powers that can be relied on. So far the game has been downloaded 5 million times. If you want to play Mobile Legends but don’t want to eat up your phone’s performance, you can try this game.
2. Mobile legends: Bang-Bang
The next game, still in the same category with a different version, of course, is much more popular than before. Bang Bang’s version of Mobile Legends has been released since 2021. Until now the players have spread in various regions with their respective abilities. For those who are not familiar, in this game you will be challenged to play with other teams.
Looking at the responses from various gamers who have made it their favorite game, it can be seen that this game offers an interesting experience. As for the number of downloads themselves, so far the number of downloads has reached more than 100 million times. While the category has been included in the e-sports game. If you want to win the match easily, you better know in advance the Sick Hero in Mobile Legend.
3. PUBG Mobile Lite And Regular
PUBG is certainly no longer a foreign name for every digital technology user today. Both the players and non-players of the game. PUBG is also a type of challenging game. With an offer that is able to attract the hearts of many people, it is clear that the popularity of this one game cannot be doubted.
So far the most popular is the regular version of PUBG where players have to face 100 players. However, this game is quite a heavy version. With high storage requirements and quite large RAM usage, some users will find it difficult to play it. But don’t worry because there is a lighter version than the regular one.
If you want a light PUBG game, PUBG Lite is also available. The sensation is still no less exciting than the regular version. It’s just that here you will fight against 40 players with a map measuring 2×2 km. This version is suitable for smartphones with less RAM. In addition, the number of downloads so far has reached more than 10 million downloads.
The next free online game is called Garena Free Fire. Similar to several types of games that have been discussed previously, this one game also requires a large enough capacity. To play this game you need to prepare 424 MB of storage capacity on your phone. This game has been around for a long time because its release has been around since the end of 2021.
It should also be noted that this game is actually very popular because it managed to rank first as the best-selling game. Even the popular PUBG class games were defeated. So far it has been downloaded more than 100 million times. While the game system, players will be required to fight 49 enemies.
In contrast to the majority of the games discussed above with a fairly large capacity in terms of memory, this game can be said to be quite light because it is available with a size of 61 MB. For its own category, this game is included in the list of action games whose developer is VOODOO. With a number of downloads of up to 50 million times, of course this game can be said to be one of the most popular games.
In the game system, to be a winner the player must be able to slide on a long slide. Talking about the graphics, this game will show various tourist attractions. These include, say, swimming pools, mountains, beaches and snowy areas. As a free game, of course this game is quite interesting to play.
Previously the popular game PUBG has been discussed first. This time, we will discuss another game that is similar to PUBG, even very similar, only that it comes with a different design. Cyber ​​Hunter is a game that comes with a futuristic concept. Because of that, this game in the battle royal category looks so unique.
When compared to PUBG, the customization in this game is even more diverse. Players are allowed to be creative for existing face shapes and characters. This game itself comes with 2 versions where the regular version is available as well as the lite version. Users can directly adjust to the needs and capacity of the smartphone used.
7. Saint Seiya : Galaxy Spirits
Actually this one free game has been out for a long time. Even so, finally the latest version of the interesting game was released, namely Galaxy Spirits version. In this game, almost all the central characters in the anime version are presented. Of course, apart from nostalgia, this game is also very suitable for those who like to play games full of strategy in real time combat versions.
Maybe some people are not familiar with this Dark Sword game. This game is one of the games that offers hack & slash games. This game comes with a 2d silhouette visual display and looks quite unique. Now comes the second series which is also available for free.
Compared to the first version, of course in the game series this time there are many improvements that occur. Among the new features that support it is an online mode feature, visuals that look clearer and more brutal actions. With the presence of the online mode, this game offers even more fun playing with your fellow gamers.
Some of the free online games above are highly recommended for game lovers. Usually the heavier game the sensation offered will be more challenging. However, for game fans, of course, they have to adjust to the capacity and specifications of each device. If
the device does not support, the game certainly cannot be fully enjoyed.

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