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The Latest Hurt Carmilla Build, Here's Complete Info

Build Carmilla Hurts

Build Carmilla Tersakit – As the most favorite moba game in the country, mobile legends has a large collection of cool heroes with their respective abilities and characteristics. Each hero is divided into certain classes, ranging from fighter, mage, marksman, tank, assassin, and support. Carmilla is one of the support heroes that has become a meta in the current season 19.

Previously this beautiful hero was not very popular, but recently many players have started using it in rank mode. Even though it includes support, Carmilla can be a threat if you use the right build items. Therefore, this discussion is about the most recent Build Carmilla Hurt item.

The Newest Build Carmilla Sick Item 2021

Judging from the story, Carmilla is Cecilion’s lover. This beautiful support hero has very good CC skills, and is very useful when doing team fights. Not only that, Carmilla also has great HP Regen skills, including the best Tank destroyers, and is quite easy to control even for novice players. Well, without further ado, here’s the carmilla’s sickest 2021 item build,

  1. Tough Boots

This item provides additional magical defense +22 and movement speed +40. Has passive Fortitude which can reduce the time of 30% of Crowd Control. So that CC attacks can be launched faster. And make Carmilla’s movements more agile.

  1. Brute Force Breastplate

This item gives additional HP +700, and physical defense +45. Has a passive Brute Force skill, which can increase 3% movement speed and physical & magic defense up to 4x when using basic attacks. The passive will last for 4 seconds and can stack up to 5x.

  1. Athena’s Shield

This item provides additional HP +900, magical defense +62, and HP Regen +4. Has a passive shield, which can reduce 25% magic damage from enemies for 5 seconds starting from the activation of magic damage. To reactivate this passive, players must leave the battle for at least 10 seconds.

  1. Courage Mask

This item provides additional HP +700, cooldown reduction +10%, and movement speed +25. Has the Encourage skill which can increase 30% movement speed and 20% magic attack on the nearest hero (one team) for 3 seconds. Has a bravery passive skill to strengthen attacks. There are also passive Devotion and thriving which provide additional Gold and EXP as much as 25% plus assists.

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  1. Dominance Ice

This item provides an additional +500 mana, +70 physical defense, +5% movement speed, and 10% cooldown reduction. Has a passive Arctic Clod, which can reduce 30% attack speed and 10% enemy movement speed.

  1. Thunder Belt

Gives additional HP +800, mana regen +6, cooldown reduction +10%, and physical defense +40. Has passive Thunderbolt, which can provide additional true damage of 2% of the maximum HP owned for 3 seconds after using a basic attack. This passive also causes a slow effect in 1.5 seconds on enemy targets. And has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

To be more complete, use the Custom Support and Common Magic set of appendages. That’s an interesting review of the most recent Hurt Carmilla Build item in 2021. By using the build item, then Carmilla will become a serious threat to the enemies. That’s all for this article, get info on other mobile legends hero build items in the next article.

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