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Recommended List of Latest Game Games 2021

game recommendation list

The list of recommendations for the latest games 2021. In the current era, games based on the internet can be said to be at the peak of their popularity. With a variety of genres ranging from the Moba genre, Battle Royale, Auto battler. and all of these genres have clearly proven to be selling well in the market, especially in Indonesia itself. Almost everything can be played and does not require high mobile phone specifications.

So this can be played on Android with moderate specifications though. but make no mistake this game has a quality that is no less qualified than the lana. So, from now on stop having the mindset that new games must have poor quality. You must be curious, right, what’s new in 2021? No need to linger, take a look at our brief review of the latest games.

List of latest game play 2021

New The Game Of Life 2

The first new 2021 game is The Game Of Life 2. The Game Of Life 2 is the sequel to the mobile version of the board classic The Game Of Life. Here has been equipped with options that can be upgraded and modernized from the previous version along with a number of extra gameplay elements. Now in The Game Of Life 2 presents a variety of choices and can produce thousands of results. In its features, The Game Of Life 2 has online multiplayer mode, single player, and local multiplayer fit and play.

Layton’s latest: undwound future in HD

The second is layton: undwound future in HD. Layton undwound future in HD is a type of mobile game resulting from the latest port of the layton professor series. Which joins the other 5 types of games that have also been previously released specifically for Android. This series itself is a special series of mystery adventures, where for Unwound Future, Layton tells of receiving a message from the killer but 10 years in the future. This game contains more than 200 articles with various mini games that are supported to be played online.

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New One punch Man: road to hero 2.0

The 3rd newest 2021 game is One Punch Man. One Punch Man is an Idle-style card collecting game consisting of several RPG elements. This One Punch Man is equipped with various game modes, which include story models, online PvP, extreme trails to a number of exciting mini games. Further, the basic premise of One-Punch Man is a classic gacha where players can collect card-shaped heroes and upgrade them to become even stronger. You can download One Punch Man for free, but we must admit that it is a little slower than other free to play games.

That’s the game list latest games 2021. All of the lists above have just been released around the middle of 2021. So it can be said that everything is completely up to date and you can download it on your respective Smartphones. One thing you have to remember, there are several new paid games. So if you want to download a free one, first make sure the game you want is available free-to-play or you have to pay.

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