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The Easiest Way To Play Among Us For Beginners -

How to Play Among Us

How to Play Among Us – Among Us is a game that went viral in the middle of last year. The game was actually released on June 15, 2021. Then it became popular in 2021 when streamers played it. After that, the number of downloads of the game among us immediately jumped sharply, and now it has been played by more than millions of players.

The way to play among us is similar to werewolf, which is a game to find out who is the impostor. Among us is a more exciting game when played with friends. Well, for beginners who want to try this game, you should refer to the guide How to Play Among Us the easiest in the discussion of this article.

  • How to Play Among Us For Beginners

In the first paragraph, it was mentioned that among us is a game for finding impostors. In this game, the player has two roles, namely being a crewmate and being an impostor. The role is not determined by itself, but the system in the game that determines randomly. When becoming a crewmate, players have to find out who is the impostor. In addition, you have to complete various existing tasks. If they manage to find out the identity of the impostor, then the crewmate will be the winner.

Then when you become an impostor, the player must kill (kill) the crewmates and don’t get caught. In a game, there is a time limit duration. At the end of the duration, a vote will be made on who is suspected of being an impostor. If you reach the end of the game, you can’t find the identity of the impostor. So the winner is the impostor.

  • Tips for Playing Among Us for Beginners

From the explanation above, in general, how to play among us is not too difficult. It’s just that for beginners, there will be confusion at the beginning of the game, because many things are not known. To overcome this, use the following tips.

  1. Studying the Main Menu

As a beginner, you must first understand the contents and functions of the main menu. Among us has two modes, namely local and online. Local, namely when playing using the same router. While online, namely playing with players from outside, including from overseas. For online mode there are three additional menus, namely host mode, private mode, and public mode.

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  1. Understanding Role

Next, players must understand the role they play. As explained in the first point. Crewmate’s job is to find the impostor, while the impostor’s job is to kill the crewmates without being caught until the end of the game.

  1. Using the Voice App

The voice chat application is one of the important features in the game among us. With this feature, players can chat freely to discuss who is an impostor. You can also use the help application, namely Discord to make it more exciting.

  1. Holding a Crewmate Meeting

Holding a crewmate meeting is done when knowing a suspicious figure or suspected of being an impostor. During the meeting, the impostor must also try to cover it up so as not to get caught. If you are still confused, a vote will be made, the one who gets the most votes will be removed from the game. If the one who gets the most votes is the impostor, the game will be over, because the identity of the impostor is already known. But if not, then the game will be continued until the end of the game.

Those are the easiest tips and how to play Among Us for beginners. In order to understand better, it is better to immediately put it into practice. By playing the game twice, surely you already understand how to play in the viral game. Good luck!

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