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Genshin Impact Banner Latest Version 2.2, Here's the Leaked Info -

Genshin Impact Banner Version 2.2

Genshin Impact Banner Version 2.2 – Update version 2.2 genshin impact will start soon. Leaks about the new version update have been circulating in the traveler community. Especially about the new character banner. Previously in version 2.1 the banners that were present were from Raiden Sogun and Sangonomiya kokomi. This time reportedly there will be a rerun character with the SSS tier.

Travelers can’t wait to welcome Genshin Impact Banner Version 2.2 Latest. To answer this curiosity, this discussion is about leaks about the character’s banner. Anyone who will be present in version 2.2? Find the answer in the continuation of this article.

The Latest Genshin Impact Version 2.2 Banner Leaks

Character banners are one of the contents that fans of the Genshin Impact game have always been waiting for. MiHoYo routinely issues a character banner in every version update. In the banner, new characters are often displayed. However, it is reported that in the upcoming update, there will be a rerun banner. The point is that the character already exists and then comes back with a number of skill upgrades. Many fans are expecting a comeback for the characters kazuha, gany, xiao, hu tao, and others.

The goal is to be able to complete the spiral abyss more easily. Currently Hu tao and ganyu are tear-up characters that are often used to complete missions in the spiral abyss. In connection with the leak, it is reported that the two characters will soon get another banner in the upcoming version 2.2 update. For more details about what the banner update looks like, check out the next leaked info.

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Banner 1 Genshin Impact v2.2

Banner changes are made every version update for 20 days. There will be a new character or rerun. This time in Banner 1 version 2.2, leaks say that there will be a reunion banner from Childe and Tohma. It is planned that the banner will be released on October 12, 2021. If this leak is true, then Childe will be the character who gets rerun twice. The childe character is brought back, related to the quest story about a traveler and childe who will pursue Scaramouche who has fled with Gnosis. Childe will go head to head with Scaramounche. For tohma, this 4-star character has received a leak about his new gameplay. So the possibility of getting rerun in the near future.

Banner 2 Genshin Impact v2.2

Banner 2 which is expected to appear is Hu tao. This Pyro user character includes the best DPS to date. The leak of Hu Tao’s return in the next version update made fans impatient. If there are no changes to the schedule, the Hu Tao banner will be out on November 2, 2021. The characters Zhongli, Liyue, and Childe have previously received reruns. Leaks about hu tao that will be able to rerun make travelers even more impatient to try it. Currently, hu tao is a DPS character who is at the top tier of the spiral abyss. For now that’s the only leak that has been circulating. Regarding Staff O Homa, namely Hu Tao’s weapon signature, there is still no banner info.

Well, that was an interesting review about Genshin Impact Banner Version 2.2 Latest. The info above is still a leak, so it’s not certain. There is a possibility of a change or something else. To get more reliable information, travelers can watch the MiHoYo livestream which will be held on September 29, 2021. That’s all for this article, see you soon.

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