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Some Paid Simulator Games on Android That Are Guaranteed to Be Fun -

simulator games

Simulator games are one of the best genre games that can satisfy players while playing. Not inferior to other genres, games with the simulator category can be your playing choice which is guaranteed to accompany you in the free time you have. Games with the simulator genre itself are games where players need to control the characters in the game. The simulator category game is educational and there are many examples of simulation games in which there is no criminal element in the game. Therefore, most games with the simulator genre are recommended for children to play. Many types of simulator games are provided for a fee or for free. Below are some examples of paid games that are fun and can add to your experience in playing games on Android smartphones. Please just scroll down and check the full review.

Summer Catchers

Paid android games with the first = category that is exciting and you need to know is the summer catchers game. This simulator game is very interesting and has also attracted many gamers. The game released by Noodlecake Studios Inc. is indeed very heavy and has always been a favorite of gamers, including the summer catchers game. The rating of this one game is quite high, which is 4.4 rating. With evidence of a fairly high rating, it is certain that players can play summer catchers games with fun. The player will control a character who drives a wooden car to arrive at the destination city. Many obstacles that players need to face such as strange people or characters, completing race missions, solving puzzles and so on.

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Shadow Of Death : Dark Knight-Stickman

The next paid simulator game that is guaranteed to be fun is Shadow of Death. Shadow of death is a game with a simulation genre or category as well as action or action where you need to control a stickman character to finish off opponents and enemies. The fantasy presented is very exciting and seems real. With a dark background and the skills of the main character are purple, creating an epic battle atmosphere. The rating of the Shadow of Death game is very high, namely 4.7 ratings with a total download of 184,806 players. Certainly guaranteed to be fun and challenging this shadow of death game. You can download it at a fairly cheap price, which is Rp. 6,000 and you can play this one game with fun.

Real Flight Simulator

The last simulator game genre or category that you need to know is real flight simulator. This simulator game will take you on a very exciting flying sensation. You will act as a pilot in the game. Of course as a pilot you are in charge of making flight plans, taking off, flying and landing. By playing the real flight simulator game, you will feel the experience of flying high with real buildings below you. You can also modify the aircraft used with the design you want and upgrade the aircraft according to the money you have.

And that’s the full review that can be conveyed to you about some paid simulator games that are guaranteed to be fun and cool. Immediately, you download and make payments to get or install the application with the best simulator genre. Don’t hesitate to download the game because it is certain that you will feel the excitement and experience of playing a cool game.

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