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Recommendations for the Latest PS 4 Games that Must Be Played

latest games for ps4

Recommendations for the Latest PS 4 Games that Must Be Played so You Don’t Get Out of Time. Along with the development of the era, the world of gaming has also experienced rapid progress, such as the number of games on PS4 that can be played. Of course, fans or game lovers are not only men because many women are also curious or have a hobby to play it. It’s no exception that adults sometimes play it in their spare time, even small children don’t want to lose to play it even smarter. Playing games is not just pressing a button to play it or wasting time but has benefits.

Gamers certainly already know the benefits, namely getting fun by playing games according to their preferred genre. Because indeed looking for fun or filling time is the main purpose of playing it. Gamers need to know that playing games can make the right brain work or sharpen so that it will have a good impact on itself. Indeed, if playing excessively can create a fatal addiction or result in bad health.

For this reason, gamers must be able to set their own how many hours a day to play the latest PS 4 games so they don’t get bored and get addicted to them. Although game fans have always experienced boredom because games that are less challenging or not new. So it’s not getting fun but emotions and boredom are still there. This time with gamers reading the following recommendations that have their own advantages!

Here are the recommendations for the latest PS 4 games that you must play

Watch Dogs: Legion Latest Game PS 4

The first game is Watch Dogs: Legion which was just released around March 6, 2021. For those of you gamers who like adventure and challenges, it is very suitable to play Watch Dogs: Legion. Why? Because it’s the 3rd series of Watch Dogs, don’t doubt the fun in it. This game tells about a hacker named Dedsec who wants to fight the authorities in London so this game is set in London too. So, it’s very fun to play it on PS 4, it can even be played on PC and others, yes.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake is the newest and best PS4 Game. If you are a gamer who has played it for a long time, you will definitely have no trouble playing this game because it is the same as the original version 23 years ago, which both have a storyline. But Final Fantasy VII Remake is superior because the story presented is clearer and better so it’s not boring. Not only that, gamers can choose good and interesting characters and the bets of each character have their own advantages. You could say this game is an action oriented or hack and slash genre that creates a new atmosphere from the previous game.

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Kingdom Hearts 3

The last game recommendation is Kingdom Hearts 4 which has good graphics quality and new features. Many gamers are waiting for the third game that combines the world of Final Fantasy with Disney to be released. With its release some time ago, of course, gamers will not be disappointed who have been waiting for it with the quality mentioned above. In addition, this game provides new characters and worlds according to the Disney story, such as rapunzel, Frozen, and others.

Those are 3 recommendations PS 4 Latest Games that must be played so as not to be out of date and feel the excitement. For that, don’t hesitate to try the games above to play on PS 4.

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