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How to get the Cosmic Teleportia FF Bundle, the info is here -

How to Get Cosmic Teleportia FF Bundle

How to Get Cosmic Teleportia FF Bundle – Garena has held various interesting events with moco rebirth forging. Free gifts can also be obtained by joining these events. Starting from gun skin prizes, emotes, bundles, and more. One of the most sought-after bundles is Cosmic Teleportia.

The cool bundle, reportedly can be obtained for free. Of course this is an opportunity that should not be missed by survivors. As for about How to get cosmic teleportia bundle ff will be explained in this discussion. So read this article to the end, to find out the complete information.

The Latest Cosmic Teleportia Bundle on Free Fire

The cosmic teleportia bundle carries a hacker theme, the display design is moco rebirth themed. Wearing a costume with a combination of purple and black. Has silver hair, complete with glasses. For the clothes worn in the form of long sleeves in green and purple. Overall looks fashionable and funky, this cool bundle is for female characters. There is no word yet whether a male version is available. What is clear, is already available in the horizon store. Players have the opportunity to win this new bundle for free, by participating in the special moco rebirth event. More on how to get the bundle, see the second subtitle.

How to Get the Latest Cosmic Teleportia FF Bundle

In getting the latest cosmic teleportia bundle on ff, you have to take several steps. That is participating in the special login event moco rebirth. The event has started on September 18 and will end on September 26, 2021. Next, follow the instructions below,

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  1. Login to the game and search for it and then click on the hacker logo in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Then look for the moco nest coder event interface option, then click milestones.
  3. Then at the end of the shop there is a cosmic teleportia bundle.
  4. Well, the bundle can be obtained by exchanging a total of 600 M Coin.
  5. Next, the prize will be sent to the vault feature, and can be claimed like a prize in general.

What needs to be underlined is to collect M Coin first. About how to collect M Coin will be explained in the third subtitle.

How to Collect M Coin Free Fire

To be able to get the cosmic teleportia bundle, you must have the required number of M Coins. About how to collect M Coin, which can follow the following instructions,

  • M coin is obtained with a special joint event that has started from September 10 to September 26, 2021. All you have to do is login and play on the event interface.
  • Open the moco hacker logo in the upper right corner of the screen, then complete the mission called Pew Pew Pew.
  • About what the mission is like, you can just check in the game, which is obviously not too difficult to play.
  • By winning the mission, you will get a prize, namely M Coin. If you want to get a lot of M coins then you have to be able to win a lot on the mission.

So first you have to collect a lot of M coins by playing in the Pew pew pew mission, only then can you continue to exchange M coins into cosmic teleportia bundles. By following the instructions above, it will definitely be easier to get the bundle. That’s the info about How to Get Cosmic Teleportia FF Bundle, Hope it is useful.

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