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PUBG Mobile Tesla Drift Event Prizes, Lots of Cool Items -

Tesla Event Rewards

PUBG Mobile Tesla Drift Event Prize – The pubg 1.5 ignition patch update has brought a lot of new things to the game. The pubg mobile x tesla collaboration event is also underway. This makes the new season of Cycle 1 Season 1 aka C1S1 even more exciting. The theme this time is very unique and makes pubg mobile evolve into a different battle royal game.

About the collaboration of pubg mobile and tesla, bringing cool car skins with advanced technology. The vehicle skin can be obtained at the Tesla Drift event. Besides that, there are still many lists PUBG Mobile Tesla Drift Event Prize. Complete information will be reviewed in this article.

Latest PUBG Mobile Tesla Drift Event

Tesla Drift is the first event to appear after this season’s patch update. The event is the result of PUBG Mobile’s latest collaboration with the well-known electric car company, Tesla. This Tesla drift event has been taking place from July 10 and will end on August 11, 2021. At this event, players have the opportunity to get the main prize, namely Tesla car skins which consist of 6 types. Of course, being able to have a complete collection of Tesla car skins is something that fans want.

In addition, Tesla is a factory in mission ignition mode, Tesla car skins are made at that factory. The new mission ignition mode also makes gameplay changes even more challenging. Erangel map has undergone many changes and is equipped with advanced technology in the future. Then in the ranked mode there is also a new mode, namely EvoGround. In addition to Tesla skins, there are also other attractive prizes at this special event.

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PUBG Mobile Tesla Drift Event Prize List

This latest Tesla drift event is not to be missed. In this event, participants must draw from speed one to speed 8. Each speed from level 1 to 8 will give different prizes. Besides being able to get a special Tesla mobile skin, there is still a list of other prizes that are a pity to miss. About the list of attractive prizes at the Tesla drift event, here is the complete info

  1. Speed ​​1 can get 3x lucky voucher prizes
  2. Speed ​​2 can get 9x lucky voucher prizes
  3. Speed ​​3 can get one of these three prizes randomly, namely general mew pan, grinning nutcracker parachute, or grumpy lemon stun grenade
  4. Speed ​​4 can also get one of the following prizes, street punk cover, fashion trailblazer cover, or amber raider cover
  5. Speed ​​5 can get one of the following prizes, street punk set, fashion trailblazer set, or amber raider set
  6. Speed ​​6 can get M762 cherry blossom or S12K cherry blossom prize
  7. Speed ​​7 can get 2x luck medal tesla
  8. Speed ​​8 can get 4x luck medal tesla

The medal luck royal tesla item can be exchanged for the latest Tesla mobile skin. In addition, luck voucher items can also be exchanged for various other prizes in accordance with applicable regulations. Like 380 luck vouchers, you can get 1 Tesla luck medal.

Well, that was the list PUBG Mobile Tesla Drift Event Prize. How about, pulling open? You can also get classic crate coupon scrap items or other items by exchanging luck vouchers. So what are you waiting for, join the Tesla drift event now.

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