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The Latest Counter Aurora Mobile Legends Items, Here's the Info -

Item Counter Aurora Mobile Legends

Item Counter Aurora Mobile Legends – Aurora is one of the age heroes with very strong magical damage. Having a fairly extensive range and wide AoE makes this hero very useful in team fights. Aurora’s unique passive can also get stact on every skill use, so it’s very profitable.

Hero Aurora is indeed the most troublesome mage in the mobile legends game. Facing this one hero mage is indeed difficult, especially because it has strong CC and AoE. Therefore it is necessary to use Item Counter Aurora Mobile Legends Latest. Those of you who are looking for counter items from this hero, can check the following explanation.

Recommended Latest Counter Aurora Mobile Legends

To be able to defeat Aurora is not easy, therefore you must know how to counter it first. In connection with this topic, here are some of the best counter items to deal with Hero Aurora Mobile legends.

  1. Athena Shield

This item provides additional HP + 900, +62 magic defense, and +2 health regen. Has a unique passive Shield, which can be activated when receiving magic damage, then produces an effect that can reduce magic damage by 25% in 5 seconds. This effect can be activated again after leaving the combat area within 10 seconds. This item can withstand Aurora’s attacks more effectively and easily.

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  1. Oracle

This item provides additional HP +850, magic defense +42, and cooldown reduction +10%. Has a unique passive Bless which can increase the protection and HP regen effect by up to 30%. This item can help in resisting attacks from Aurora. At the same time able to increase the shield (protector) and healing effects. For heroes who use heal or shields, it is highly recommended to use this item in countering Aurora’s attacks.

  1. Winter Truncheon

This item provides additional HP +400, Physical Defense +25, and +60 magic power. Has a unique passive Frozen, makes the user freeze, and can be immune from various damage + debuffs in 2 seconds, with a cooldown speed of 100 seconds. In that frozen state, the hero can’t do anything. With this item, all attacks issued by Aurora will not inflict any damage to your hero.

  1. Tough Boots

This item provides additional movement speed of +40 and magic defense up to +22. Has a unique passive Fortitude that can reduce time controlled up to 30%. Thanks to this shoe item, you will be able to escape the CC Aurora attack thanks to the additional movement speed. That way it can be faster to escape from the influence of Aurora’s CC.

  1. Radiant Armor

This item can give additional HP +850, health regen +6, and magic defense +45. Has a unique passive called Holy blessing which can increase magic damage reduction from 3 to 10 after taking the last magic damage in 3 seconds and can stack up to 8x. With this item, the defense can be stronger, thanks to the additional magic defense obtained. Radiant armor is a new item that is very popular lately, because of the strong defense function it provides.

Use recommendations Item Counter Aurora Mobile Legends Latest above while playing. That way it can make it easier to deal with troublesome attacks from Aurora. That’s all for the info this time, good luck and good luck. See you in the next game review article.

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