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It's Not Defeat But A Pensi Friend That Makes A Gamer Sad

It's not defeat but a retired friend that makes a gamer sad

In terms of playing games, of course we are presented with an interesting experience, especially when we play with our friends or our team. In the game world, of course, we will definitely race each other to be the best people in the game and we also show each other our skills in playing the game.

It's not defeat but a retired friend that makes a gamer sad

Is it true that the thing that hurts in the game is defeat? yep defeat including in terms of hurting players’ hearts while playing games, who doesn’t like to lose, right?

Therefore, when many players feel defeated in playing games, they will automatically look for someone who is greater than us or who is experienced. Well, there will definitely be a moment when we meet people who are kind to us and want to show us what we lack in playing games, right?

At that time, the relationship between friendships will begin, later will add friends to each other, more often mabar in playing the game and later an idea will be formed that will create a Guild/Clan, even JPan before playing the game so that they can be ON together in the game.

And finally in playing games that can be said in the long term, Clan has been said to be FULL and you could say the Clan has entered its golden age because there will definitely be at least one famous person in the Clan and raise the name of the Clan.

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After going through that golden period in playing games, it must have started to feel lonely, even in the clan even though it looks like nothing is ON from there we will face things that will hurt the players in playing the game. When a friend PENSI of the game being played.

There are so many factors for a player PENSI in playing games, for example, there are those who focus on their work, there are those who don’t have time to play games because they are busy with their partners, basically they focus on living their lives in the real world.

But before that what is it PENSI ? Pensi is when a player ends his love of the game or also retires from playing the game for some reason.

Continue again, then if we are in that position what should we do? what else as gamers or people who really love games do we keep playing or not? to be honest mimin aga confused at that position. Opinions of people who Have you ever experienced this position? “By experiencing an incident like that, later people who experience it will introspect themselves and think that they already love games more than themselves”. The pencil doesn’t hurt, bro.

It’s okay for us to play games or also love games but don’t overdo it and also we have to limit the hours of playing games, we don’t always have to spend time just playing games, except for those of you who are an Esports member who makes gaming a priority for you in terms of looking for sustenance but how? with those that are not esports? or what about someone who fights for the game to make it a priority and profitable for those who play it? This is also very confusing because we want to make the hobby our own advantage.

For those of you who want to make a hobby like a game profitable for you, surely you are very, very tired in pursuing it I’m sure that I can only motivate you through these writings, keep the spirit if you want to be serious in the game BUT also remember that there is a limit to playing games and one more defeat that plays a big role in this road, keep it up!

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