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When You Get Cheated? And What To Do? Read this!

When You Get Cheated?  And What To Do?  Read this!

Got tricked? and don’t know what to do? try reading this article from me maybe it can calm your hearts who have been tricked online or offline.

Okay first, why did you get tricked?? try to write some of his experiences in the comments below this post. First of all, I’ve also had the name GOT TRICKED by people who are not responsible, yes, those whose name is being cheated will definitely feel hurt, annoyed, embarrassed, and all these feelings are mixed in our minds that make us feel uneasy in carrying out daily activities in our lives or in short, BADMOD.

My experience of being tricked has happened very often to all of my friends POSSIBLE yes but i don’t know. The first thing I was cheated on online in terms of online transactions and it made it very difficult for me to move on from the problem, I always thought about it and how do we move on from the problem?

When You Get Cheated?  And What To Do?  Read this!
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As a Muslim we are taught to forgive each other in case of problems that occur to ourselves or from others because God is most just, surely God will replace it one day or if it is not replaced in this world, maybe in the hereafter, for example, you will be punished. cheat 200 thousand and later there will definitely be something to come to us, especially if we forgive the irresponsible person, it’s not what God has given us, but yes, don’t expect too much in return.

But what about those who don’t accept men? like being tricked by something that can be considered a large nominal? and what should we do? Try to find people who are closest to you, maybe one of them is experienced in this kind of thing.

Look for people who are experienced about being cheated because they have experienced being cheated, therefore maybe they really understand how you feel and ask them for a solution, what steps should we take or you can also search on google how to follow up on these online fraudsters. My advice for the future is to be more careful, guys

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