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How to Track Complete JNE Package Shipments (Update 2021)

In this modern era, everything that is difficult becomes easier. Especially in sending goods, it is easier because of the presence of delivery services.
If in the past you wanted to deliver the goods you had to deliver it yourself, now you only need to hire a courier service to deliver the goods to their destination.

There are many goods delivery services in Indonesia, one of which is JNE.
When you send goods through a courier service, you will definitely get an Air Way Bill (AWB) or can be called a receipt number.

The receipt number is used to track the package or goods you send.

This receipt number is needed for both the sender and recipient, so that they can easily track where the goods have been delivered.

Then, how do you check and track the package when you get a receipt number? Here’s the tutorial.

How to Track a JNE Package Delivery using a Receipt Number

If you already have a receipt number, then tracking the package will be easier.
There are several ways to track the package you sent via the JNE receipt number, including through the tracking number check site and the My JNE application.
Babang will give a tutorial on how to check the receipt number through the receipt number check site and the official My JNE application.

Check Receipt Number in My JNE Application
As a freight forwarding or expedition service, JNE has an application to track parcels, namely My JNE.

How to track it as follows
1. Open the My JNE app

2. Enter the Receipt Number

  • After opening the My JNE application, please enter the JNE receipt number in the application column.
    How to Track Complete & Easy JNE Package Shipments
  • In addition to entering the receipt number, you can also scan the barcode on the receipt number paper by pressing the blue barcode icon.

  • After entering the receipt number, the application will process your request, wait for it to finish.

  • Later will appear complete data, sender name, recipient name and other info.

    Complete & Easy JNE Package Delivery Tracking Tutorial

Tracking JNE Packages through the Online site

Another way to track JNE packages is through online receipt check sites, many sites provide facilities for checking receipt numbers online, including the official JNE website.

Via JNE Official Website

The first way is through the official JNE website. Check out the steps as follows

1. Go to the official JNE website

  • Enter the JNE receipt number that you have in the column provided.
    How to Track Complete & Easy JNE Package Shipments
  • Then enter the captcha code, then click the search button.
  • The shipping tracking data will appear below it.
    How to Track Complete & Easy JNE Package Shipments

Check the receipt number through the site

Another alternative way to check the receipt number is through

This site is very popular and is often used by many people because it can track receipt numbers, not only JNE but also other expeditions.

1. Go to the site

  • Open your browser, then visit this site by accessing the URL

2. Enter the receipt number

  • After successfully opening the site, please enter your receipt number in the column provided.
    How to Track Complete & Easy JNE Package Shipments
  • If so, please click the Check Receipt button.

3. Choose Shipping Expedition

  • Because this site tracks many expeditions, when you click the check receipt button, you must first select the expedition you are using.
  • If you want to check the JNE receipt then you have to choose JNE.
    How to Track Complete & Easy JNE Package Shipments
  • After that, this site will start tracking your parcel shipment.
  • If successful, it will display the delivery data and tracking where the goods have arrived.
    How to Track Complete & Easy JNE Package Shipments

How to Check JNE Packages without a Receipt Number

Sometimes in a situation when you want to track a JNE receipt number, but the JNE receipt number you have is missing or the online shop seller is lazy to send the receipt number.

This of course makes you dizzy and feels complicated, especially if the goods sent are expensive items, of course, you will be even more dizzy.

In this condition, the question inevitably arises, is it possible to track JNE packages without a receipt number?

Actually you can, but you need extra effort.

The method is not through an online site or through an application, but you have to come to the nearest branch office or JNE agent in your area.

You ask CS JNE to ask for a receipt number or track the package by providing complete information such as sender’s name, recipient’s name, sender’s address, recipient’s address, and delivery date.

Although the chance of knowing the location of the package you have is very small compared to having a receipt number, it never hurts to try.

The final word

So that’s how to track JNE packages easily and completely, I hope this tutorial is useful and good luck!

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