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How to Build Artifacts on Diluc Genshin Impact along with tutorials and explanations

How to Build Artifacts on Diluc Genshin Impact along with tutorials and explanations

Genshin impact is an online RPG type game that can be played on various platforms such as HP, Play Station 5, Computer. In addition, Genshin provides several SSR or 5-star characters with their own play style and meta. Come on, who can be cleared because the rate is off here haha, excited for the gacha

In this post, the admin will provide a guide for those whose DPS is Diluc, let’s just discuss it below

Pixiv Art From |️


For now, the most suitable diluc artifact is the Crimson Witch of Flames, this artifact is really designed to be diluc itself because this art can be maximized by the diluc itself. 2 sets of parts will add 15% pyro dmg while 4 sets increase 40 dmg overload and 40% burning dmg, and also add 15% vaporize and melt elemental reactions, using elemental skills will increase 2 sets 50% for 10 seconds.

The recommended artifacts for the main stat are: HP-ATK-ATK-PYRO DMG-CR/CD

Genshin Impact Artifact

Like the picture above, try on the substat there must be Critical DMG / Critical Rate and ATK%, because these 3 substats are very influential on the dmg that is launched by the character. As we know that the pyro element is the strongest in the elemental react section because for dmg vaporize it is x1,5 while for dmg melt it is x2.

For details of the admin artifacts in the example image above:

ATK 2048 (with 2reso pyro, without reso pyro 1859)

Crit Rate 69.3%

Crit DMG 195.4%

Elemental Mastery 79

Dmg generated for elemental skills from diluc with above stats:

Vaporize : 1. 18k 2. 20k 3. 27k

Melt : 1. 20k 2. 25k. 3. 30k

Dmg generated for elemental burst :

Vaporize :49k-60k

Melt :59k-90k

Talent Skill 10 level All

But as we know that looking for good artifacts is not easy because the RNG system in this game is so for those who haven’t completed the crimson art, the enthusiasm for farming


The weapon used will determine the artifact used, the weapon in the Geshin Impact game varies with their respective substats.

The strongest clymore type weapon at this time is the 5-star Wolf Grave Stone, so who doesn’t want a WGS, this cool weapon with red and black colors is very suitable to be used for fun

Wolf Grave Stone

Increases ATK by 2040 %. When hit, an attack on an opponent with less than 30% HP increases the ATK of all party members by 4080 % for 12 seconds. Can only happen once every 30 seconds. If this weapon is used then the artifact must increase the crit rate for advice from the admin

Another clymore weapon that is a candidate for a diluc is the 4-star Serpent Spine, 4 Star Archaic Prototype, 4 Star Blackcliff Slasher, each weapon has a corresponding artifact requirement. For now the weapon that the admin uses is the Serpent Spine because it has not received WGS

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