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Gacha Genshin Impact Dregs? Let Hockey Here's How and Various Tips

Gacha Genshin Impact Dregs?  Let Hockey Here's How and Various Tips

Gacha is a system implemented by Genshin Impact itself to obtain a 5-star character or a 5-star weapon

How to Get 5 Star Characters in Genshin Impact

To get a character that a traveler wants, he has to gacha using primogem, each character that is released will have a different role for that for F2P it might be a bit difficult to save the primogem because there are so many good characters that make it confusing to use the new gacha. where

This is where it is important that we involve hockey in the gacha of weapons and characters we want, but how do we get 5-star characters with limited primogems? Here are some explanations and tips from all admins:

Pity System

The number of gachas that are pulled 90 times will get a minimum of 5 Stars. Pity is the position or sequence of gacha before getting the 5 Star character. Usually to get a 5-star character in a limited banner between 70-80 or we can call it soft pity which is in that order.

For low pity, as far as I know, the range is below 1-30, which has a low chance to bring up 5 stars at the gacha banner, but it’s not impossible that everyone will definitely get it at low pity, so be excited.

Rate On and Rate Off

Rate on is where we will definitely get 5 Star characters that are up, while Rate off is where we get characters that are not up from the banner. For example, the rate is off when the admin wants gacha Xiao but the admin gets Jean, while the rate is on when the admin wants gacha tartaglia and gets the tartaglia.

For those whose rate off is the same as 50/50 to get the character that is up, it’s not that you can’t get it even if the rate is off but when there is a chance to get it, the term usually wins the rate off. From the admin’s own suggestion, if your gacha position is currently rated off, try it according to how much the character is located in the trailer from Youtube Genshin Impact, there’s no harm in trying, right? good luck with winning the rate off is enthusiastic

Single Pull

For single gacha, it’s usually possible to get 5 Star characters/weapons at low pity, as far as admin, from admin friends who play Genshin Impact, the average gacha gets 1 time at low pity.

Gacha Genshin Impact

Admin has also gotten one of the 5 Star characters on low pity when the kazuha banner was on pity 17. Maybe it’s true hockey or what kind of back to us is the gacha, but there’s no harm in trying, right?

Multi Pull

Admin advice, if you are already in soft pity, try to gacha 10 times. Why? therefore it is possible to get C1 or other 5 Stars. Yes, it is very difficult to control lust if our gacha has touched soft pity but just be patient and collect it until it can be rolled 10 times so that the results are also satisfying, Examples of admin friends who get it:

Gacha Genshin Impact

14 Days Not Login

When we don’t log in for 14 days on Genshin Impact, later there will be an event to welcome back with the theme “Reach for the Stars” The total primogem that was obtained during the login was how much, the admin forgot about 300 if I’m not mistaken the admin and the primogem that was obtained from that login if used for gacha on the banner will get 5 Stars.

It’s just too risky because we lose because we can’t claim the primogem and the resin is a shame for those 14 days, but at that time the admin was busy so we couldn’t play Genshin Impact so the admin stopped for a moment and exceeded 14 days and when the admin played again and claiming day 7 at the login event, the admin got kazuha at low pity.

Rumors are like that, admin friends also say it’s a natural thing, but in other cases there are also people who can’t get 5 stars even though they haven’t logged in for 14 days, if multiplied by not logging in for 14 days, the total primogem from daily unclaimed amounts to 840 not to mention With the event later, the name is RNG, we don’t know. Mimin’s suggestion should not be done because this is too risky later on, if you don’t get it, it will hurt yourself, right?

No Farming

What admin means by this method are: Login, Daily, Spend Resin/Event, Logout

As the admin said above, I don’t intend to play like that haha ​​but this is from my experience it has been proven that you can also get one of the 5 stars in pity, this method can make you bored later because yes, that’s all for days but there is no harm in trying

The point is that in its name, gacha, gacha, you have to be patient, because this game is an RNG, the spirit of gacha, right?


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