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Guaranteed Challenging, Here's the Complete Storyline of Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is one of the horror games made by Capcom which is currently much sought after by gamers. In this game, you will feel how challenging it is to conquer zombies and scary ghosts. As in previous versions which have also reaped great success, the release of the Resident Evil series this time is also interesting to review. This game is highly recommended for those of you who really like challenges.

For those of you who have played this game in the previous series, then you already understand very well how the game play of this game. In general, apart from offering adrenaline-testing challenges, Resident Evil games are also famous for their stunning video graphics quality. Coupled with a gripping soundtrack, making this game very suitable to accompany empty time. Alright, no need to linger here is the complete storyline Resident Evil 7.

Taking Roles From a First Person Point of View

As if wanting to go back to the early eras when this game was first released, Capcom made a game Reevil 7 This is from a first person point of view. That means, you seem to really live in the game. By using this point of view, the game will be more challenging than using a third person point of view. Many Resident Evil fans have been waiting for this setting to be returned and many may still find it strange because it is very different from the previous series. But believe me, with the change of point of view into the first person, the game will feel more tense, especially with the addition of a distinctive horror sound.

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Ethan And His Wife

Maybe you already know a lot about Ethan’s character in the previous series. This character does often appear and carries traits that are liked by players. For those of you who don’t know, in the 7th Resident Evil series he found a video of his wife, Mia, who has been missing since 3 years ago. In the video, Mia talks to Ethan to save her in a horror house located in Lusiana.

Without thinking, because Ethan loved his wife so much, Ethan went to the house. An empty house that is eerie and filled with various mysterious things. When you enter the house with a fairly heavy effort, you as Ethan will find Mia. But he wasn’t all right. Just imagine someone locked up in a haunted house for 3 years, of course it’s not a natural thing. Mia’s condition is really bad and she’s not what she used to be.

Weird Things And Rescue Missions

There are various strange things that you will find in this game. Basically, the main mission of the game RE 7 is to save Ethan’s wife from the influence of a mysterious cult in the house. You will also find oddities in The Baker Family. Can you fight for Ethan’s love and save his wife? All will be answered if you have downloaded this game.

Alright, that was the full review of the storyline of the game Resident Evil 7. Interested to try? For those of you who like horror games, this game is highly recommended. Meanwhile, for those of you who are cowardly, it is recommended that you play this game with friends so you are not too surprised by the jumpscare in it.

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