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Get a New Hero- Here's What You Must Do For GG

Welcome to the Mobile Games Indonesia blog. Here I will share various info about Getting a New Hero – Here’s What You Must Do For GG. Hopefully useful for you. If there is anything you want to ask, please comment. And if you like this post, please click the share button below. Thank you..! 😉

After struggling to collect battle points to buy a new hero, after buying it you suck at playing the newly purchased hero, often when you play it’s said to be an elementary school kid playing mobile legends (even though you’re old or at least above elementary school… haha), nooblah, and other harsh words that make you mentally down? If that happens to you, continue reading my post this time. Because in this post I will give you tips or mandatory things that you must do after getting the new hero you want so you can play well and maximally, at least it doesn’t disappoint.

Maybe among you when you get a new hero, you immediately play in classic, against ai, custom or maybe in rank. Indeed, there is no ban on new heroes, you get them, try ranking them right away, but in my opinion, you should not before you really master how to play and the skills that the hero has.

So that you don’t digress too much, I’ll just give you what you must do or you should do at the beginning when you get a new hero.
1. Understand each skill owned by the hero.
Here when you get a new hero and you want to use it, the first step is you have to read and understand the function of each hero’s skill.

2. Choose the right equipment/gear
After you understand the skills of the hero, the next step is to choose good equipment/gear, I suggest using only top equipment from other players. Replace the default equipment with one of the top equipment from another top player.

3. Watch heroes live stream
In the mobile legends game, you can watch other players stream games. So you choose a live streaming hero and choose the hero you want to play, then choose only the top global players, for example if you’re lucky you can watch the global top 1 rank.

After you enter the live streaming, the things you have to learn from the player are:
– Battle spells what he uses and see the moment he uses the battle spell because each hero has a different choice of suitable battle spell and different timings for its use. So learn the player’s use of battle spells and timing.
Farming. Creating a hero with the type of marksman or assassin or fighter farming is a mandatory thing that you have to do in the game. So learn how the player is farming correctly in the sense that he can keep the tower and also farm to the jungle at the same time. See the player set when to guard the tower when farming.
Order of using hero skills. The order of using skills in farming or battle or war is also very influential in the game. So watch and learn how the player uses the skill and the sequence and also see the moment he uses the hero skill. Mistakes in using skills will make the hero poor, so learn well from these top players.
Learn rhythm the player in playing the hero. What I mean by rhythm here is the playing technique when it’s time for farming, defending, fushing, and ganking. So imitate the global top players in playing the hero. ️

4. Play in classic. After you do steps 1 to 4, then you can immediately play on classic or can be custom or against the computer. When playing, use battle spells and the same emblem as the players you watch on live streaming. At the time of classic, practice the techniques and how to play from the heroes that you have watched, and remember to always control yourself on the paths that you have learned before. If you can control yourself and do what you’ve learned, I’m sure your classic game won’t disappoint. Play classic with the same hero approximately 5 times until you are really fluent in playing the hero.

5.Play in the ranks. Well, this is where it determines whether you have passed or not.. haha, just like this exam… In rank, choose a hero that you have studied before but don’t force it, for example you want to use a marksman hero but your team already has a pick, you should give up using a hero just another. And if your hero matches what you learned before then practice the things that have been learned before. Remember to control yourself on the right track according to the techniques you have learned before.

Well, that’s my post about the mandatory things you have to do if you get a new hero in mobile legends. Hopefully these tips are useful for savage seekers or maniacs like me who are still noobs. 😂

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