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Best Loadout Assault for PUBG

Welcome to the Mobile Games Indonesia blog. Here I will share various info about the Best Assault Loadout for PUBG. Hopefully useful for you. If there is anything you want to ask, please comment. And if you like this post, please click the share button below. Thank you..! 😉


Surviving in BATTLEGROUNDS is a matter of two things – luck, and preparation. While where you jump out and how quickly you can find weapons certainly determines the start of the game, it’s what gear you choose to fill your limited storage with that will determine the end of the game. To that end, we’ve put together a few small guides to help you survive the first few minutes, and maybe even dominate in small circles in the last few minutes.

Choosing a Role

It is very important to know what role you want to play from the start of the game. Depending on what your role is, you’ll be looking for different equipment and different attachments, as you’ll be using them for very different purposes.

These builds depend on weapons allowing you to attack quickly and quickly, with enough ammo for both. This is key – with other builds, ammo is only mildly important, but with attacks, the idea is to maintain a continuous fire – this directly affects the entanglements you’ll be looking for.

Loadout 1

Main WeaponAKM
sidearmTommy Gun
Attachments8x CQBSS
ConsumableFirst Aid Kit, Painkillers & Bandage

Loadout 2

Main WeaponSCAR-L
sidearmAKM w/ Red Dot Sight, Extended QuickDraw Mag & Compensator
Attachments4x ACOG Scope, Extended QuickDraw Mag & Compensator
ConsumableFirst Aid Kit, Painkillers & Bandage

Main Weapon

Since attack loadouts are very damage focused, we recommend using AKM. It has a lot of damage with decent range and accuracy, meaning you can engage from medium range effectively while dealing good damage. AKM is actually pretty good up close as well, which takes care of a lot of the negatives of our pick.


Choose one if you can’t find the other.


The best attachment for this class is the 8x CQBSS scope. The scope lets you see further.


Energy Drinks are a great option here. Get your boost quickly.

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