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5 Most Popular Assassins Creed Identity Characters 2021 -

Assassin's Creed Identity character

For lovers of online games, of course, you are familiar with the character of Assassin’s Creed Identity, right?. Yep, this game featuring an epic adventure action series has become one of the popular action games. This game series depicts the battle between Assassins and Templars who fight for peace with historical and fictional settings. Game Assassin’s Creed Identity is the latest mobile game which is a transformation from its old form, namely Assassins Creed which was released by Ubisoft since 2007 ago. Ubisoft has formed an action game identity that is deeply rooted in the minds of its players through Assanssin’s Creed and is further strengthened by the fan service provided through this latest series.

In this Assassin’s Creed game, of course, there are many character options that you can play to be able to try the thrill of being assassins and adventure and climb to be able to carry out missions. Of the many characters that exist in each series in this Assassin’s Creed game, each character certainly has different abilities, strengths, and qualities. There are characters who have the most superior abilities that are often used to demonstrate the actions of players to complete missions as Assassins. Well, readers are certainly curious about what Assassin’s Creed Identity characters are the most popular and attract a lot of player interest. The following will present the five best and most popular characters in this Assassin’s Creed game, let’s just take a look!

  1. Connor Kenway

The first position as the best Assassins Creed Identity character is occupied by Connor Kenway. Connor Kenway is the son of a husband and wife named Haytham and Zio. Connor’s mother, Zio, is a native Indian. Connor’s real name is Ratonhaketon, Connor’s name is a gift from his mentor named Archilles. Connor’s adventure is suspected to be because of his motivation to want to uphold justice for the freedom of his village from the threats of the Templars who are trying to control the land of his hometown. By carrying out this task Connor grew into a very strong and determined Assassins. Even though he had to go through a difficult road, Connor never gave up to continue fighting for justice even though he had to sacrifice his life as an Assassin.

  1. Ezio Auditore da Firenza

The best character in the next Assassin’s Cree game is Ezio Auditore da Firenza. Ezio is described as a naughty young man but still devoted to his parents and holds the norms of decency. Ezio’s adventure begins with his motivation for revenge because his family has been betrayed and hanged to death right in front of his face. Ezio takes on a single mission to defeat the Tamplar conspirators who are trying to take over Italy. This extraordinary adventure makes Ezio one of the most in-demand characters.

  1. Shay Patrick Cormac

Shay is one of the characters that is quite unique in this game. where Shay is an assassin turned Templar. In this game, it is told that Shay, who is part of a group of assassins, one day gets a mission to secure an artifact similar to the Piece of Eden from the Templars’ hunt for world domination. However, as a result of his act of taking the artifact, the entire city experienced a very powerful earthquake that caused the entire city to be completely destroyed and killed many of the city’s residents. Finally, because of questioning justice as an Assassin, Shay finally decided to join the Templars and bear the title Assassin Hunter.

  1. Jacob Frye

Jacob Frye who is the twin brother of Evie Frye is described as an assassin character who relies more on violence to bring down the Templars. With the gang he formed, The Rooks Jacob fought the Templars in every district of the city. Jacob shows his skills as a reliable leader with childish, funny and brutal characters as an Assassin. Some of these qualities of Jacob may make him the most idolized character in this game.

  1. Evie Frye

Jacob Frye’s sister has a good character with Jacob. He has a strong belief as an assassin to continue his father’s mission of researching the Piece of Eden. Evie has the character of an assassin who is mature and professional at work. Especially with the character of Evie who is full of enthusiasm, persistent and cheerful, it makes gamers more captivated by her charm.

Those are the five most popular and in-demand characters of our version of Assassins Creed Identity. Each character has its own uniqueness and advantages that can make gamers interested in making it a mainstay assassin. Try different characters to get a different playing experience.

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